Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
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Thursday, February 18, 2021


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, Ashlee Beyer, and Tim Hubbard. Bil, Longua, Charles Buck, Jim Quay, and Brian Schlorff were absent.
Katie Tandon, Linda Csete, Ester Estes, Adam Charnley, Cheryl Speaker, Pete Goodman, and Jill Espinosa.


The January minutes are pending due to a late edit.

Mrs. Csete said she has started getting Earth Day volunteers.

Mrs. Csete announced that approximately $24,000 was received as a fee in lieu from the Myers Subdivision. Five homes will be built near Bodine and Seven Oaks Road with no Open Space amenities. Therefore, this money will be earmarked for use in the vicinity of the homes, or also Brightside Farm. Trail improvements, Community Garden expansion, or nearby acquisitions or improvements such as repairing the Pickering footbridge, are all eligible projects for this money.


New Volunteer Introduction

Ms. Jill Espinosa was welcomed into the group by the Members.


  1. Scout projects are in progress. Some materials were left behind and work had slowed, but progress was being made before the snow fell again this week. Ms. Beyer will visit the site. A sign is still needed for the footbridge.
  2. Mr. Lawrence asked for Members to keep a “to do” list as they visit the trails after the snow melts. There is a March workday to be advertised by Ms. Beyer, and it may involve small workgroups from Johnson & Johnson. The participants will use common sense distancing and masks while removing invasives and/or perform trail work.
  3. Also, the April 24th, Wildflower Walk will be taking place. It is a short walk and parking is nearby. It rarely runs for a full 2 hours but visitors see many unusual species along the Pickering. The riparian buffer will be reestablished in this area and special attention to mowing the trail will be made per Mr. Lawrence. The EAC was glad to coordinate this day with Mrs. Underhill and will be in contact.
  4. The Devault Rails-To-Trails grant is selecting steering committee members. Mr. Lawrence named many and will be representing Charlestown. He asked Members to let him know if they wanted to be a part of the group.
  5. Mr. Beyer asked Mrs. Csete if Charlestown Township had a shade tree commission and it does not. But tree guidelines are stated throughout the SLDO Ordinance so he will review it. He has completed the Tree Tender Program and suggested Ms. Beyer attend.

Charlestown Park

Ms. Cheryl Speaker from the Phoenixville Recreation Department visited tonight with a request to hold a Summer Camp at Charlestown Township Park. The Department needs more parks with handwashing and restrooms and reached out to Charlestown Township

  1. The group would be about 25 people (20 students, 5 staff).
  2. Date needed from June 21 to July 30th.
  3. Will need a dedicated pavilion (maybe #3 near the playground and restrooms), from 9 to 3 pm especially during inclement weather.
  4. They are already established nearby at Kimberton Park.
  5. They will assure restrooms are kept tidy and remove their trash at day’s end.
  6. The PASC will only be there towards evening and will not be impacted per Mr. Charnley. Mr. Lawrence will check with the PMYC.

Mr. Hubbard thought that Fridays would require public notification of the pavilion being occupied. In mid-March, the Members will revisit the pavilion rental discussion that was supposed to happen near the beginning of April because Mrs. Csete is receiving a lot of reservation calls. Ms. Speaker was given tentative approval and will be sending Mrs. Csete proof of insurance. Mrs. Csete will be sending a letter of agreement to Mrs. Speaker. This item will appear on the March or April agenda.

The PMYC clubhouse roof will proceed and Mr. Dettore agreed with the current method of obtaining quotes. The next step will be to obtain the third quote for a non-standing metal version. The project to replace this clubhouse is eligible for the Myers fee-in-lieu funds. The current lowest bid is $12,600.

Young Lungs at Play is proceeding. The wording is correct, but now Members feel that additional vaping and tobacco use needs to be added to signs. Mr. Hubbard will send the language used by a neighboring township to Mr. Lawrence. Mrs. Csete will advertise this for March or April at the latest.

PASC, represented by Adam Charnley, stated that the travel team plans on starting at the end of March, and the rest will start April 10th at the Park. Practices will start the 3rd week of March but it is all dependent on the snow and fields. They plan on using the same guidelines for COVID safety as last year (masks during play) but will revisit closer to spring. For now, field maintenance will continue. Mr. Hubbard said to check the Chester County Health Department for updates to mandates and suggestions since they are more local than the CDC.

Ms. Estes asked about the landscaping bid package changes made at the last Board of Supervisors meeting. Mr. Lawrence told her that the wording was changed to read use of pesticides is to be approved by the Township and to use organic chemicals when applying. Manual weeding is not specified in the package.

Earth Day

There was a short discussion about procedures by Mrs. Csete. She suggested plenty of advance notice next year if cleanup will be on a state road. She must file a request with PennDOT to close the road, therefore, scheduling a cleanup every 2 or 3 years is suggested.

Ms. Beyer asked Mrs. Csete for suggestions for work areas, or if she kept a log or schedule of where everyone is working. Mrs. Csete suggested some main roads and Brightside Farm. Mr. Goodman suggested Howell Road and Brightside Farm. Mrs. Csete told Ms. Beyer they did not need to volunteer only on Earth Day but could choose any day and work on trails or roads. Ms. Beyer thought she would have a better turnout during the week.

Jenkins Park Proposal

Mr. Lawrence portrayed a 2012 Open Space map of Jenkins Park’s 9 acres and its neighbors. It was going to be developed with 4 homes but now it is to be all park. Also, a neighbor’s land is currently in the process of becoming open space. Mr. Lawrence asked Members to brainstorm ideas for this spot off of Valley Hill Road. (Search Charlestown Township Jenkins to see the map). Ms. Beyer will visit the site. This will appear on the March or April Board agenda.

Donation of 55 Trees

55 medium caliper trees are being donated by the Myer Subdivision. Mr. Lawrence asked Members to brainstorm placement ideas such as the Pickering Trail or Brightside Farm. Mr. Goodman stated that the EAC has obtained permission to reestablish the riparian buffer at Valley Hill and Yellow Springs Roads so this was a viable choice. Mr. Lawrence asked for a volunteer to compile the list of eligible tree locations.

Mr. Beyer and Mr. Hubbard discussed the jammed tree under a bridge that is owned by PennDOT. Mr. Hubbard will contact PennDOT to have the problem examined.

Closing Announcements

Riparian Forest Buffer Summit -The DCNR is sponsoring a Riparian Forest Buffer Summit on March 10 & 11, with the deadline to sign up on February 26th. The cost is $15 (Search DCNR.PA.Gov or the PA Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources).

Mr. Goodman stated that the Open Lands Conservancy is in the process of preserving the ≈11 acres across from Jenkins Park impacting both Charlestown and East Whiteland Townships. Mr. Lawrence said this type of preservation helps to connect trails.

Ms. Beyer will be sending Mrs. Csete some files via Google vs mailing them.

Adjournment at 9:15