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Thursday, August 20, 2020


Parks & Rec Board Members:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, Frank Beyer, and Ashlee Beyer. Jim Quay, Bill Longua, and Brian Schlorff were absent.
Township Personnel:
Tim Hubbard, Charles Buck, Pete Goodman, Linda Csete
Ryan Gottier, Adam Charnley, Keith Maurer, Marty McNamee
Ryan Carver, Tim O’Brien, Jean Schasenbach, Aaron Kern
Mike Stevens


Minutes for Approval

The July minutes were approved.

Old Business

The August 15th drive in movie event at Technical College High School (former CAT Pickering) showing The Princess Bride was a success. Mr. Lawrence noted that since the tickets were free of charge, many people signed up but didn’t attend. In the future they’ll consider a modest fee so people honor their reservation. A second movie night is under consideration.

New Business

Youth Club Sports – Fall Plans under COVID

Both the PASC and PMYC reviewed their plans in detail as to how they wish to move forward this fall with modified activities in accordance with state and CDC guidelines. Various documents were displayed for those in attendance including outlines of protocols and communicable disease waiver forms.


The PASC plans to hold its first game on Sept. 12th. They will follow the COVID plan developed by the Eastern PA Youth Soccer League and overseen by their own COVID committee. All soccer tournaments have been cancelled, and competition is restricted to teams from Chester County and a few from Montgomery County. Only one adult per child is permitted to accompany them for games. Parents must drop off children for practice sessions and not stay for it. Outside of play, all participants, coaches, parents, and spectators are required to wear masks. They will send weekly email updates to the families and to visiting teams advising of the rules and any changes in them. Signage will be posted with rules at the field.

Tim Hubbard asked how they would monitor visitors. Mr. Charnley said parents are requested to check temperatures prior to arriving for play. He said the PASC is prepared to shut down any exposed team, or the whole program if necessary. It was noted that tournaments, while canceled at this point, even if resumed are not held at the Park but at other locations.

Mr. Hubbard asked about contact tracing, and Mr. Charnley said parents are required to report any exposure to the Club and the County Health Department. Mr. Hubbard asked that the Club also notify the Township.

Mr. Hubbard asked about bathrooms and hand washing. Mr. Charnley said they have partnered with the PMYC to use their clubhouse restrooms, which are cleaned after each use. Keith Maurer opens the restrooms on request, and everything is sanitized using the same products as that used on the play equipment. Hand sanitizer gel is available on the sidelines and families are encouraged to bring their own.


They likewise have similar protocols in place for their lacrosse, flag football and field hockey programs. Since they are an intramural group, there are no outside teams visiting. Game times are staggered to limit the number at the park at any one time.

The various groups discussed their schedules, which allow for little or no overlap. With the Healthy Kids group parking in the north lot and the soccer group in the south lot, the short period of overlap still allows for separation of the two. They also agreed to report any exposures to the Township.

Healthy Kids Running Series

Mike Stevens said their group will likewise follow the guidelines previously discussed tonight and their group meets only on late Sunday afternoons. The activity itself lends itself to easier social distancing.

Rugby Group

They will take the information heard this evening back to their group and respond with how they can follow similar guidelines. No contact games would be involved.

Trails Report

Various trails and their conditions were discussed as follows.

Pickering Trail

The Pickering Trail footbridge was displaced by Hurricane Isaias and the surrounding ground has suffered erosion. Several volunteers have come forward offering assistance. Mr. Hubbard recommended consulting with Dan Wright since he was involved with the original footer design. Jim Thompson will have his crew come in to clean out brush and re-center the bridge for later securing. Life Scout Cameron Skodny will take on some of the work itself along with bench repair and possibly add a small kiosk. Chris Lawrence said volunteers are also needed for trash pick-up.

Jim Thompson will also arrange for creating a stone ramp to the other bridge and blazing a new portion of trail parallel to the Ice Dam trail, which is becoming unstable.

Ice Dam Trail

Tim Hubbard and Frank Beyer contacted the antique ice tools museum in West Chester. They will follow up on possibly donating the “fence” along the Pickering trail, which had been used in ice production.

Pickering Dam Trail

Frank Beyer is working with Jim Thompson on having his crew remove a portion of old chain link fence to allow access to small equipment to come in and restore some areas. He proposes to put down some stone and macadam in a washed out parking area. Mr. Hubbard cautioned them to be advised two neighbors of that area have registered complains about the volume of use of the trail. They may consider replacing the chain link fence with a wooden post and rail fence to continue to discourage ATV traffic.

Thompson Trail

There was considerable damage from the storm with over 20 trees down. Jim Thompson said he’ll take care of this over the next few months.

McDevitt Trail

The trail is wet and muddy but generally in stable condition.

Brightside Farm Park & Community Garden reports

No progress has been made on fence replacement for the community garden. Pete Goodman from the EAC is working with Alix Coleman on a plan to treat an individual Tree of Heaven for spotted lantern flies. They will coordinate with the French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust, which holds an easement on the property, and with Charles Buck. Generally, the flies are not as bad as last year.

Charlestown Day alternates

Dan Mount is looking at two alternatives to the usual Charlestown Day event, including an art contest and a virtual 5K. They will be advertised through the website and Facebook page. Linda Csete suggested they could send out a postcard mailer to residents in late September if they wished, as the budget would support this effort.

Adjournment was at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. Csete
Township Manager