Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School
Thursday January 10, 2019


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Frank Beyer, Marylou Forcine, and Brian Schlorff. Jim Quay and Bil Longua were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:


There were no announcements.

Minutes for Approval

The October minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

New Volunteers

There is currently one opening on the Parks & Recreation Board and there will be another opening before the year end. There is always a need for volunteers for Trails, Charlestown Park, Charlestown Day, and Tree Tenders.

The Township is looking for docents for the Charlestown Mill. The P&R Members may set up at the Park, to try and attract docents from those that frequent the Park.

Mr. Lawrence has the trail book available for trail guides, and there is a truncated version available now as well. Mr. Beyer said come spring, he will take more of a lead on this.

Charlestown Day 2019

The next Charlestown Day is September 14, two weeks after Labor Day (like last year). Senator Dinnamin has already contact the P&R to schedule his appearance. There may be a 5k or a “run company” used for a fundraiser.

Charlestown Park Report

There are about 49 young trees that need tree cages installed to replace their base netting. Mr. Lawrence discussed this with Mr. Findlay and Mr. Findlay will work on trying to find volunteer help. He is taking a tree tender course this spring. There may be a tree that snapped off at the Park, that will require a sight visit.

PASC Report

Spring registration has just started. Mr. Maurer received a $3,000 estimate to repair the drainpipe and regrade, by the soccer fields. Mr. Wright visited the site and said it would be best to use the Township contractor for this repair.

The kicking wall is complete, and Mr. Maurer asked if it would be permissible to paint it team colors. The wall is made from 2”x10s” with 6”x6” posts. The PMYC rep., Mr. O’Brien, hoped to be able to allow his young lacrosse players to use the wall too. It would be a shared use, with PASC being owner. Other discussion points:

PMYC Report

PMYC football had dropped to about 30 participants, but they switched to flag football for boys and girls, and now it has 200 participants. The basketball season is underway, and lacrosse starts February 2nd. The Whitehorse Rugby Club uses a practice field and are coordinating with lacrosse this spring.

The lacrosse field is in bad shape and is not draining since it is on level ground. Mr. O’Brien asked the Members if there were plans to crown this field. Mr. Lawrence said that they needed to start with a cost estimate. Discussion followed about the different ways to improve a sports field. Also, field #1 for the PASC is in need of the same help. There will be a fall action plan devised.

  1. Brightside Farm Scout Report

  2. Prospective Eagle Scout, David Nemeth, updated the Members on his kiosk/information sign. He had to sink the sign into concrete footers due to wind, he placed I.D. tags on 10 different trees in the park, and planted wildflower seeds. He gave receipts to Mr. Lawrence and will give the key to the empty info cabinet to Mr. Hubbard. Invasive species and Lantern Fly literature will be the first to appear in Scout Nemeth’s structure. Mr. Lawrence commended Scout Nemeth on handling the entire “wind reconstruction” with the sign company and Mr. Wright, so proactively and thoroughly. Mr. Lawrence notified the landscaper about not mowing the wildflower area. It got warm after Scout Nemeth spread the seeds and they began to sprout, so he will probably need to reseed in the spring.

  3. Trails

  4. Mr. Beyer stated that there has been heavy damage to trails due to all the wet weather. The small bridge over the Pickering Creek has been destroyed and is off its foundation.

    Scout Nemeth shared the list of trail projects with his leader, but now it is growing. Some trails need to be rerouted or re-cut in.

EAC Report

The EAC was officially approved as a committee, at the January Board Meeting. They still need one more person. The riparian buffer at Brightside Farm is at the stage where they are choosing plants and the positions. They have missed the grant season, so the expected start date is spring 2020. The EAC has been successful in talks with local businesses to reduce the amount of plastics being used as bags and in food service. The Park snack shack will be the next contact they make.

Other Business

Mr. Buck said he received some limited scope estimates (≈$3,000) for replacing the fence around the Brightside garden area. However, the Members are considering replacing, in entirety, the 7-year-old fence. This month, Mr. Buck will call additional contractors for more quotes and ideas for a fence built to be a community garden barrier to animals, yet able to withstand commercial landscaping maintenance conditions.

Mr. Lawrence said someone approached him about having a Township dog park. Due to the high costs of maintenance and the amount of acreage needed, nothing is planned. There is a new one coming to Exton Park, close to Malvern, and others not far from the boundaries of Charlestown. The Township has plenty of Open Space and Parks where dog owners are urged to make use of leashes and walking paths.


Adjourned at 8:40 p.m.