Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School Choral Room #154
Thursday, April 12, 2018


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence and Bil Longua. Frank Beyer, Karen Schlichter, Sue Staas, Marylou Forcine, and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Charles Buck, Tim Hubbard, Brian Schlorff, David Nemeth, A.J. Stacy, Kristin Heisey, Brenda Thorpe, Ashley Smith, Kevin Mauer, and Lisa Gardner.

Minutes for Approval

The March minutes were approved.


Mr. Lawrence announced the passing of Township Supervisor Michael Rodgers on Saturday, April 7, 2018. He was also the President of the Board of Directors of Valley Forge Sewer Authority. Donations in Mr. Rodger’s memory may be made to French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust, 511 Kimberton Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460. Donations will be dedicated to conservation projects in Charlestown Township.

Old Business

New Business

New Volunteers for Parks and Recreation Board

Mr. Lawrence reminded everyone to try and find more volunteers, especially for Charlestown Day. Mrs. Schlichter is phasing out her term on the Board, and new Board Members will be joining.

Earth Day Clean Up

Mrs. Csete spearheads the 13th Annual Earth Day event. It is Saturday April 14, 2018 from 9-noon (weather should be good). Come start with a donut at the Township Office in Devault at 9 a.m. You do not need to transport the refuse you gather, someone will be around to get it for you.

Scout Projects

Brightside Farm Info Kiosk/Tree Identification: Scout David Nemeth received budget approval at the last Supervisor’s Meeting. Now he is working with Mr. Dettore to finish the design to forward to Mr. Wright. With Mr. Wright’s final approval, he can finally start.

Wetlands Trail Addition: Scout A.J. Stacy’s project is suffering from the lingering winter weather, but he has his supplies and will try to break ground this weekend. This project is not to be confused with the new trail past the wetland bridge in Charlestown Park at the overlook. This project is about 50’ from the overlook project.

Benches and Wetlands Overlook Rehab: Scout J.D. Heisey has received the benches, placement is expected to begin this weekend.

Charlestown Park Report

  1. South Lot construction should be done near the end of April, early May. An open drain near the excavator’s parking area has some old buried equipment and an open grate that is a safety hazard. It will need to be fixed.
  2. Past items resolved except some broken façade being negotiated with the surety.
  3. Mr. Schlorff stated that a drain in front of the snack shack is eroding on the north side, it is a trip hazard. Mr. Dettore will be notified.
  4. Verizon is not responding to emails from Mr. Dettore, regarding the installation of internet at the Park. It must be done for the automatic locks to work on the restrooms and for security cameras in the future. The connection spot will be on Township Line Road.
  5. All the trees that fell over the winter, have been cleaned up. Downed trees are quarantined due to the Spotted Lantern Fly in Chester County. The wood was not moved off site per County instructions.
  6. Last weekend it was too cold to start the PASC soccer season, so this weekend 690 participants will begin to play.
  7. The top dressing of the fields is about half way complete. Pictures will be forwarded to Mr. Lawrence for the Newsletter.
  8. The rebound wall is in the contractor search phase.
  9. The storage shed near Coldstream Road needs a new roof but the soccer club may replace the entire shed with a larger one.
  10. The dirt road to the dumpster is severely rutted again this year. Mr. Hubbard said this road could become a connector road to Coldstream Road. It is in the early stages of discussion. Utilization of the road would probably be gated, and one directional, not a full access road. Also, Coldstream Road is a state road, therefore PennDOT would also weigh in. It is not contingent on the office relocation.
  11. PMYC is in its lacrosse season now.

Trails Report

  1. Mrs. Underhill will lead a Pickering Trail Spring Wildflower Walk on April, the 29th. Meet at the intersection of Pickering Road and Charlestown Road.
  2. Soon it will be time to begin clean up of the invasive species on trails.
  3. When PennDOT approves, the top coat and paint will be done on the Brightside Trail lot, since it connects to a state road.
  4. Mr. Longua mentioned the connection of the Horseshoe Trail and Brightside Trail. It is not well marked, with trail goers suddenly appearing at roadside (Hollow Road). Since Hollow Road is state owned, Mr. Hubbard believes some signage could be possible to mark the spot. Mr. Lawrence is expecting an email from Mr. Longua regarding this hazard.
  5. The Open Space Annual Report for Charlestown Township is now available.
  6. There is erosion at a foot bridge in Charlestown Park per Mr. Schlorff. Mr. Lawrence will investigate.
  7. The work is ongoing to connect the Schuylkill Valley River Trail to the Chester Valley Trail by completing the Devault Rails-To-Trails project. Next questions are regarding construction cost details, then responsible parties for policing, monitoring, and upkeep, etc. Plan is with the County Planning Commission currently.

Charlestown Day 2018

Mrs. Heisey updated the Board:

Other Business

Mr. Buck said the Brightside Farm garden already has a waiting list. But, the area is having trouble with groundhogs. The fence will need repair and may need 700-90 linear feet of a second layer of stronger wire (to combat the pests). This would be a good Eagle Scout project.


Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.