Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School Choral Room
Thursday, March 15, 2018


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Karen Schlichter, Sue Staas, Marylou Forcine and Tim Hubbard. Frank Beyer and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Carol Armstrong, Brian Schlorff, Bil Longua, David and Derek Nemeth, and Lisa Gardner.

Minutes for Approval

The January minutes were approved.

Old Business

Mr. Lawrence restated the importance of finding organizations to partner with, he asked those in attendance to mention it to residents that they may come across or work with in other committees. Please have them contact Mr. Lawrence or Mrs. Csete.

New Business

New Volunteers for Parks and Recreation Board

There are a few openings for the Parks and Recreation Board. Tonight Mr. Bil Longua, a long-time resident, volunteered to serve. Also, Mr. Schlorff of the PASC stated he would be interested in joining the group. Mrs. Schlichter will contact Mrs. Assayag to confirm that she is not returning. Mrs. Schlichter is also in need of a replacement and will need help with Charlestown Day.

Earth Day Clean Up

The 13th Annual Earth Day event is Saturday April 14, 2018 from 9-noon. The rain date is the 21st. Please meet at the Township Office in Devault before 9 a.m. There is also a recycling event at the Penn State Great Valley Campus the same day.

Scout Projects

Mr. Schlorff mentioned that the bridge in the middle of the creek at the Park is in need of repair. This is a great new project for a prospective Eagle Scout. Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Theurkauf will be visiting the site tomorrow. Also, Brightside Farm, tree tendering or identifying trees (as seen at arboretums) for CTP, are all projects yet to be taken by scouts.

Three projects are underway. Tonight, Scout David Nemeth returned to give official details and estimates for his project. Mr. Lawrence will email both Scout Nemeth and Mr. Wright regarding some structural questions. David will contact Mrs. Csete for purchasing instructions and was told to save all receipts. He distributed his estimate sheets, sketches, and an overhead view of his plans.

Mr. Lawrence said that there are two different projects that need to be managed and kept separate.

  1. The bench/wetlands overlook rehab project
  2. The bridge rehab project.

Charlestown Park Report

The construction has stopped due to weather. The wearing course and some remediation worn need to be done for the South Lot. This work should be done early May. The restrooms have been closed since November 1st but will be re-opening April 1st. The floors will need some coating for the cement. A caretaker for the restrooms has been hired and they will be open from 8 am to 8 pm.

Mr. Schlorff asked to be copied on the Park construction meeting emails. He said he had some requests to replacing the flag, and Mr. Hubbard will look a new one. Scout Nemeth said that the troop will have a ceremony to retire flags and offered to take care of it.

There is a tree down and many big limbs. If the tree service comes, Mr. Lawrence wants the chips spread on the nature trail if at all possible. However, it is currently too wet to bring in any trucks to do this type of work. Mr. Lawrence will check this when doing the site visit with Mr. Theurkauf.

PMYC Report

The lacrosse season starts March 19th and ends May 19th. There will be a picnic June 2nd. The clubhouse needs many repairs, and some would make great scout projects.

PASC Report

Mr. Schlorff asked about an update on the Township’s feasibility study, but there was no update at this month’s Board Meeting.

April 8th is the beginning of the season for about 650 registrants. They are using a portable net to keep the balls from going into wetlands. The 9’ high rebound wall is still in its planning stages with Mr. Wright (e.t.a. summer), and the field dressing and seeding is on hold, due to weather.

Trails Report

Environmental Advisory Committee

Ms. Armstrong stated that at the March 5th meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the EAC was approved to operate for a year or two until an ordinance was drafted. They are still welcoming volunteers to join the other residents. One EAC member will be a liaison to the P&R. One of the first projects will be to draft an article for the April Newsletter.

Charlestown Day 2018

Mrs. Schlichter stated:

Other Business

Mrs. Staas wants to see Brightside Farm stay as a farm, like Springton Manor Farm. Mrs. Staas visited Springton Manor and spoke with a rep that said they lease their land to someone who raises cows, and they grow food for the Chester County Food Bank. Mr. Lawrence likes the idea of an educational historic resource, and said they need a federal historical education grant.



Adjourned at 8:45 p.m.