Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School Choral Room
Thursday, October 19, 2017


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Sue Staas, and Marylou Forcine. Karen Schlichter, Frank Beyer, and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Kevin Kuhn, Tim Leary, and Lisa Gardner. Tim Hubbard was absent.

Minutes for Approval

The September minutes were approved.

Old Business

Charlestown Day Report

The report is not yet complete, but all receipts have been turned in to the Township office.

New Business

New Volunteers for Parks and Recreation Board

Mr. Lawrence has found, while searching for new volunteers, many people are already involved in other groups. He may try to establish a partnership with other local organizations.

Great Valley Nature Center

Mrs. Staas stated there was an informal meeting Sunday night with a group of about ten concerned residents to discuss the preservation of the GVNC. The organization is about $250,000 dollars in debt. The next meeting is in approximately three weeks, in the meantime, the group members are to consult other organizations to discuss partnerships. Mr. Lawrence reached out to the Audubon Society, The Genardi Family Foundation, and the Natural Lands Trust.

Mr. Kuhn said the main reason the Upper Main Line YMCA is not pursuing the GVNC is because the building is not a safe facility. They would like to use the building rent free, and would maintain it, once it is brought up to code. Mr. Lawrence would like to see the receipt of a $400,000 grant.

Charlestown Park Project

The old parking lot is being removed. Excavation and new ballasts will be finished within three weeks, then curbing and electrical lines will be installed. A Thanksgiving completion date is the goal.

Mr. Lawrence is still working with the University of Valley Forge and Penn State Horticultural Society for tree tender training. Next, he will connect with the High School and local scout groups.

PASC Report

There is a Beef and Beer fundraiser Saturday October 21, from 7-11 p.m. at the Kimberton Fire Hall, Kimberton, PA.

PMYC Report

There is no report.

Great Valley Mountain Biking Team


The Pickering Trail benches need to be leveled, and benches near the Charlestown Park Wetlands would be nice. Tree tendering and identification are still projects that remain open to scout groups.

Brightside Farm

Mr. Lawrence walked the trail and made sure the tractor had the access it needed. The Trail should be paved next week. Wire flags are a danger to the cows and care needs to be taken when removing them from the site. Additional ground markings may be in order, as the flags age. Benches that need to be repaired could be a good scout project. Members would also like to see benches inside the community gardens.

However, as the vision expands beyond 5 years, Mr. Kuhn and Mrs. Staas had very different ideas as to how to obtain a new vision. Mrs. Staas wants to heavily promote a survey, gather residents and ideas, and hopes to see the Farm grow into something just like Chester County’s Springton Manor Farm. Mr. Kuhn wants to see how the community reacts to the changes to the Farm being done this fall, and then wait to see what happens.

Mr. Kuhn stated that the County easement would be a deterrent, and Mrs. Staas believes it to be just another step towards her vision. Therefore, Mr. Lawrence suggested hosting some events there and seeing how the community reacts.

2018 Charlestown Day

Mr. Lawrence stressed the importance of finding new volunteers. Mrs. Schlichter may need a replacement. Mr. Lawrence stated that he will probably hire a 5K organizer and move the band farther away. Once again, the idea of partnering with another organization was discussed.

Adjourned 8:45 p.m.