Charlestown Elementary School
2060 Charlestown Road, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, April 20, 2017


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Frank Byer, Sue Staas, Karen Schlichter, and Laura Assayag. Marylou Forcine and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:

Minutes for Approval

The February minutes were approved.

Old Business

2012 Park Master Plan

After a brief discussion about the new Trail Binder, Members decided to ask the Charlestown Historical Society to write a section for the binder about Township history. Also discussed:

New Business

Charlestown Park

  1. Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Theurkauf, and Mr. Davison, recently met at the Park to plan the seeding of meadow areas planned last year. They also discussed repairing buffers and choosing species for planting.
  2. There are still a few outstanding issues with the Park contractor, and the Township is withholding payment until they are resolved. The restrooms are working, and being cleaned regularly. There was a leak but it was fixed promptly. Please report any issues to Mr. Hubbard or Mr. Lawrence.
  3. Pavilions are frequently being used.
  4. Mr. Hubbard is researching the use of surveillance cameras.
  5. The internet is not wired yet.
  6. There is a concrete ramp near the parking lot that will be smoothed out for safety reasons; the Roadmaster is taking care of it.
Philadelphia Stones League-Ryan Kinka

Mr. Kinka estimated the cost of materials for building the 903 linear foot course to be about $1500. The labor would be about $1000. It will take approximately 2 weeks once the materials are delivered. They will schedule the Charlestown Park opening of the Stones course as their 10th tournament. Mr. Kinka will draft an article for the newsletter.

Frisbee Golf

This project is on hold until the University of Valley Forge has some time to focus on helping the P&R place some goals. Otherwise, the course will probably not be 18 holes.

PASC Report

The spring season has started. The travel teams are growing in numbers and the ability to play games simultaneously on the Park fields is becoming more challenging. Therefore, Mr. Schlorff has rotated the fields, basically turning one field into 3, although somewhat tightly. Until the season progresses, he requested permission to place a temporary mesh style fencing in front of the creek to prevent the balls from traveling too far from the fields. Mr. Lawrence will notify the landscaper.

Mr. Schlorff also stated that the club has applied for a grant to help maintain and improve the fields (EPYSA). They have completed the electrical repairs to the snack stand. Discussion followed regarding an A.E.D., the difficulty being; where the device could be stored to be accessible, but not stolen. Mr. Hubbard is researching the possibility of obtaining one for free.


The lacrosse field is in need of seeding since the variety of grass growing now is a “clump” variety and not a spreading species. Mr. Lawrence will talk with Charlestown Landscaping about the right type to use to smooth out the turf. The lacrosse picnic is June 3rd.

Great Valley Mountain Biking Team

Mr. Hubbard showed a video that portrays the new bike trail in regards to peripheral considerations.

Healthy Kids Running Series

The club started this week. A more detailed update is expected next month.

Watershed and Marine Restoration

Ms. Carol Armstrong visited tonight to ask the Board if they were interested in beginning an environmental advisory council. She discussed the main watershed in Charlestown, the Pickering Creek. At one time this stream had an “Exemplary” rating, but according to Ms. Armstrong, it dropped to “High-Quality”, and now has further deteriorated to an “Impaired” rating. This information was different than what was shared at the last Board of Supervisors Meeting. However, there are new “best management” practices that she would like to share with interested Township individuals.

Mr. Kuhn stated that the Township has been doing an MS4 for about a decade and is also proactive in stormwater management. She was invited to visit a Board of Supervisors meeting.

Trails Report

Mrs. Underhill attended Chester County’s Bicycle Coalition Meeting in March. She reported that it was mainly about how to connect trails and fit them into the landscape, plus liabilities vs. PennDOT. She learned that there is a representative for Chester County. Mr. Lawrence will try to contact this person.

Mr. Churchill is collecting letters of support from neighboring municipalities. Then, a letter to convey Township support for the Devault Rails-To-Trails project will be sent to the Chester County Planning Commission. Although Charlestown would like to relay that this support could be financial, Supervisors were hesitant to name a dollar figure.

Mr. Lawrence updated Members on the numerous achievements being made in the quest to connect trails in the borough of Phoenixville.

Listed below are the scheduled Township Trail Walks.

#1 Sunday, April 23, 1p.m. which is the day after Earth Day, focused on Pickering wildflowers at the Woolen Mill.
#2 Saturday, May 20, 10 a.m. to follow blazes on the McDevitt Trail
#3 Sunday, June 11, 1 p.m. to visit the birds on the Horseshoe Trail
#4 Saturday, September 9, butterfly identifying at Brightside Farm Park

Charlestown Day

Mrs. Schlichter was going to suggest October 7, 2017 for the next Charlestown Day. However, many local events are scheduled for that day. They are now considering September 16th. This and the possible beneficiary will be discussed at the next meeting.

Earth Day

The Township Earth Day Roadside Spring Clean Up will begin at the Township Office with light refreshments. The event date is April 22 at 9 a.m. and ending at noon. The Mill will be open.

Adjournment –

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.