Great Valley Middle School
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, January 19, 2017


Parks and Recreation: Chris Lawrence, Sue Staas, and Tim Hubbard.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers: Kevin Kuhn, Ryan Kinka, and Ester Underhill.

Minutes for Approval

The December minutes were tabled.

Old Business

Charlestown Day

Mrs. Schlichter was not available for comment.

New Business

2012 Park Usage Planning Report

Members discussed what usage is right for what park. Members referred to the Supplement to the Comprehensive Plan.

Jenkins Park –

Limited parking

Intent is a small playground with a small nature trail.

Has been subdivided into four properties, may change to three.

An environmental test showed positive for a protected plant.

Infrastructure improvements have been discussed by BOS.

Mr. Lawrence wants to consider short term uses if only long term uses are planned.

Mr. Kuhn thought Stones could be a good fit here.

Mr. Lawrence thought Frisbee golf may also fit.

Brightside Farm Park –

Mrs. Staas wants the long term plan to include a historical characteristic.

Mr. Lawrence discussed signage.

Discussed mowing vs. preserving milkweed for the monarch migration.

Mr. Theurkauf may need to visit this site to establish a mowing routine.

Charlestown Park –

Mr. Kuhn reminded Members of the need to watch density of uses.

Devault –

Intent to be a rail to trail connection with a few playing fields.

Ideal for large parking lot at trail link.

Per Mr. Kuhn, development and Township leverage will tell what can be done there.

Per Mr. Kuhn, the Township needs to see what development prescribes, or initiates.

Charlestown Park Report

Mr. Wright will submit a final written report. Per Mr. Kuhn, the Township is within scope for budget. There are a few minor issues that need to be remediated. The next phase will be to pave the parking lot, and install lighting and sidewalks.

Mr. Lawrence discussed the timing and seeding by Charlestown Landscaping, for a native wildflower area. He will also make a visual assessment of large and possibly dangerous trees in the Park.

Stones by Ryan Kinka

Mr. Kinka discussed staying within a very small budget so that if it the project doesn’t work they can pull out of the site easily. Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Kinka toured the Park in December. After settling on one location, he addressed a list of questions from the last meeting. Tonight he distributed a package describing two options. The proposed course will be near the new parking lot and be in a consolidated all grass area. This area has some trees and elevation changes, and is about a 150 foot section. There are two options with the same layout. Ease of maintenance and the cost of courses being the differing factors.

Option 1-This option will require a little more setting up, but is more permanent. Obstacles can be mown. There may be a cost of a few boulders and a log (s) plus labor for set up.

Option 2-This option uses vertical stump boarders and logs, but will require weed whacking. He expects this course to play better.

Mr. Kinka hopes the hardscape would be paid for by the Township, but he will provide the labor. Mr. Kuhn invited Mr. Kinka to present Stones to the Board, and to overlay the sketch course onto Park map. Mr. Lawrence will email the information to Members not present. Discussed also:

PASC Report

Registration has started. It has been posted to the Township social media sites.

PMYC Report

Mr. Lawrence will contact to obtain registration information for social media.

Trails Report

Mrs. Underhill came to promote the designation of bike lanes on certain roads for future bike trails. Members agreed that they should have them planned, so that when PennDOT updates roads, the Township would have it on the Comprehensive Plan. Although this would not obligate PennDOT, PennDOT now gets funding for non-motorized traffic. Improvements such as Jersey barriers could help bike traffic navigate through the Township safely.

Mr. Kuhn suggested Members contact Mr. Willig and Mr. Churchill for assistance. Although there are no Township roads that are appropriate, Route 29, Whitehorse Road, and Charlestown Road are major state corridor roads that would work well along with a few connector roads. The key is to memorialize it, for when the opportunity arises. The idea must be presented to the Board of Supervisors since it would be a formal addendum to Township maps.

Mrs. Staas stated the Spring Meadows equestrian trail effort has basically ended. Mr. Thompson found the trail is in the HOA documents but is not on any deeds or County documents. Therefore the Township has no stance in the project. Mrs. Staas will look at the approved plan to see about a trail dead end.

Other Business

Mr. Lawrence asked Mrs. Underhill to coordinate the Spring Trail Walks this year with last year’s idea to establish trail ambassadors. This year he would like to initiate a push to recruit a few ambassadors.

He would like each trail ambassador to receive a binder with Township maps, receive training from Charlestown Township Historical Committee, and receive CPR training. Mr. Lawrence would also like to include more ecological aspects in the training. Participants will receive a hat so that they are identifiable on the trails. They will not have any enforcement authority, but would be there to help or give info.

The Mill will be open for a wildflower walk on Sunday April 23rd.

The annual vote for Chairperson was tabled.

Mr. Hubbard will send a link to Mr. Lawrence for the PA State Game Commission packages. They include wildlife feeding packages and seedling ordering packages, etc.

Adjournment –

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.