PMYC Clubhouse at
Charlestown Park, Phoenixville, PA
Minutes of Thursday, July 21, 2016


Parks and Recreation: Karen Schlichter, Sue Staas, Mary Lou Forcine, Laura Assayag, and Tim Hubbard.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers: Jim O’Brien (PMYC), Pat Doud (PASC), Mike Stevens (HKR), Nick and Spencer Stillwell, and Chris Johnson (GVCO).

Minutes for Approval

The minutes for June were approved.

Old Business

  1. Mr. Hubbard began to price picnic tables and bench replacements. He will be distributing a proposal or price information. There are about 40 units in the Park.

New Business

  1. Eagle Scout Proposal for Pickering Trail

    Mr. Nick Stillwell presented his diagram of a new walkway that would extend and raise the existing walkway above the water on Pickering Trail. Right now, the walkway is pooling debris and serving as more of a dam, rather than a bridge. Scout Stillwell received approval from Mr. Wright the Township Engineer, and requested a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for approval. He received the recommendation and is to contact Mrs. Csete for a signature and placement on the August Board of Supervisors agenda. He would like to start on August 20, 2016.

  2. Charlestown Park Report

    1. Construction Status Update– Mr. Hubbard reported that Mr. Detorre has received the surety’s draft of the takeover agreement. Mr. Detorre is unsatisfied with the schedule and details the surety is providing the Township. Updates are always posted on the Township website.
    2. The cement walk near the PASC parking lot will be repaired per Mr. Hubbard.
    3. Charlestown Landscaping has taken care of the high weed growth.
    4. The mowing for the meadow area has been completed.
    5. The stream bank hardening is going to take place next spring.
  3. Charlestown Day Update

    The opening day of the Park is unknown. Mrs. Schlichter received preliminary approval to move the date to October 29th. The actual update and approval will be at the August 1st Board of Supervisors meeting. It will be PASC’s last intramural day. Healthy Kids Running will be done their season but will have a presence and discussed a mile event or costume dash. Mrs. Schlichter reviewed the placement of attractions, and field usage/scheduling. Other ideas discussed were:

  4. Trails

    1. Mrs. Staas said the equestrian trail easement is in place for Whitehorse Meadows and Spring Meadows but new owners may not be aware of the easement. This needs to be handled delicately. The clearing of the trail is a great Eagle Scout project.
    2. Mrs. Staas said the Boy Scout that was going to take on the I.D. project has lost interest. Mrs. Assayag has a Girl Scout interested, but the prerequisites, even for the preliminary paperwork, are off putting. Mrs. Staas suggested the team be one Boy Scout and one Girl Scout if needed.
  5. PASC

    Mr. Doud said they have had vandals breaking windows with beer bottles in 2 spots in the Park. Repair costs are being gathered. There are also recycle bins now in place. They will advertise Charlestown Day.

  6. PMYC

    1. They too, will advertise Charlestown Day.
    2. Mr. O’Brien showed members where the trees needed to be removed to expand the football field. This expansion is vital to the continued ability for the club to attract players. The field is now 40’ x 80’ and needs to be 50’ x 100’.
    3. Benches for the players would sit where the tree line is now.
    4. The press box would be moved to across the field.
  7. GVMS Mountain Bike Club

    Mr. Hubbard said they had a great turn out for their first day.

  8. Friends of Charlestown Update

    Mr. Lawrence is still waiting for IRS questions/approval.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.