Great Valley Middle School
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, May 19, 2016


Parks and Recreation: Chris Lawrence, Chairman, Karen Schlichter (via phone), Sue Staas, Laura Assayag, Jim Quay, and Tim Hubbard.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers: Kevin R. Kuhn, Frank Beyer, Tim Leary, Chad Sindaco, Keith Walsh, and Chris Johnson.

Old Business

  1. Mr. Lawrence had no update on picnic tables and bench repair.
  2. Mr. Hubbard contacted the Renaissance Academy to see if they could help with handicapped options, they had no suggestions.

New Business

  1. Equestrian Trail Along Whitehorse Meadows

  2. Mrs. Staas had no update on the unnamed trail easement. The trail itself does not exist yet. She gave a brief history of the situation to Frank Beyer, and named Betsy Pilgrim as the lead for this project. The next step is to clear the trail and talk with reps from Spring Meadows.

  3. Charlestown Park Report

    Mr. Kuhn met with the attorney for the surety company, a representative from JD Bravo, and the contractor. The contractor is producing plans with a firm completion date, but has yet to produce one the Township will approve. Mr. Kuhn expects some type of movement due to negotiations, in addition one of the sub-contractors has made an offer to take over and finish the project.

    • The weekly meetings have been postponed.
    • The partially built restroom building has been demolished to below the initial foundation slab.
    • The electric had to be turned off to the restrooms for the demo, which also affected the pavilions.
    • The park and pavilions should be usable by June.
    • Final seeding and grading is expected for fall.
    • There will be some sort of restrooms for Charlestown Day.
    • Some parking will be on hold until next year.

    Mr. Lawrence had a site visit with Mr. Theurkauf and produced a meadow expansion map for the Park. Mr. Quay was pleased with the prospective changes at Coldstream Road and Township Line Road, since it would make the new meadow area less prone to collecting litter. The nature trail will probably receive some boulders to alleviate erosion along the creek, and some may be used to limit unauthorized parking. The landscaping company will be mulching and watering the newer trees.

  4. Phoenixville Area Soccer Club

    Mr. Lawrence recently contacted Mr. Wright about the used directional field lighting that may be acquired from the Phoenixville Area School District. The lighting should not be a problem, since it has been operating in a residential area near the school. Mr. Kuhn suggested Stan Stubbe to help with photo metrics data for permitting, while the lighting is still up and functioning.

  5. Phoenixville Marion Youth Club

  6. They would like to be notified when it is time to give clubhouse input. They also want to know when the football field will be crowned.

  7. Healthy Kids Running Series

  8. No representative from HKRS was available tonight. They are the main event for Charlestown Day.

  9. Great Valley Middle School Mountain Bike Club (

  10. This newly formed club is searching for a location to teach beginners the basics of mountain biking. Mr. Chad Sindaco and Mr. Tim Leary gave a presentation describing their mission statement, goals, and needs.

    The National Interscholastic Cycling Association and Interscholastic Pennsylvania Cycling League members both teach middle school in Great Valley, but the school district itself does not sanction the group. This is the inaugural season for the club. Many schools in the area are currently forming mountain bike clubs too. Currently there are about 7000 kids and 3000 coaches involved. Approximately 36 students are signed up in Great Valley, and will begin training in July, finishing the season in November.

    The coaches were here to discuss where a good place to practice would be within Charlestown Township.

    Mr. Lawrence wants to monitor the impact and condition of the trails. Mr. Kuhn suggested Brightside Farm. As long as bikers are aware that they are to yield to walkers on the trail, it is permissible. The next step will be a site visit to pin point some locations at Brightside.

  11. Charlestown Day Update
  12. The beneficiary will be the Great Valley Community Organization. Representatives Chris Johnson and Keith Walsh gave some background and described their vision for the future. They are currently fund raising for a 41,000 sq. ft. community building, the final plan to be approved this summer. They would like to raise 2.5 million dollars and have already raised 1 million dollars. Mr. Walsh will forward a video about the organization to Mr. Lawrence.

    More vendors have shown interest. The August Parks and Recreation meeting will be in Charlestown Park. Mrs. Schlichter and Chris Johnson will be meeting next, and new Facebook posts are expected.

  13. Trails Report

  14. Mrs. Staas said the trails are in good shape. The signs need to be moved due to the boy scouts cutting a new Pickering Trail entrance at Route 29. Mr. Lawrence spoke with the Penn State Extension Master Gardeners rep to help scouts get started with identifying trees in the Park. He learned that there is a tree and invasive species template that will be helpful to local scouts working on this project. Mr. Kuhn said the Historical Society may have slides that would help with identification.

  15. Brightside Farm

  16. Mr. Wright has made progress, especially with the stormwater requirement, and after contacting PennDOT and permitting, the project can go out to bid. The approved design is a paved trail with a mown grass trail next to it. There may be a part paved especially for farm equipment crossing.

  17. Miscellaneous

  18. There is a group meeting in Charlestown Park to do yoga. The group’s website advertises this location but it is not sanctioned by the Township.

    Mrs. Assayag was welcomed as a member last month, and this month Frank Beyer will start the process filling the last vacancy on the Parks and Recreation Board.

    Mr. Lawrence stated he is waiting for the EIN number for the Friends of Charlestown.

    Mr. Kuhn said the Township is still waiting for the Sodexo contract for the Park.

    There has been no update from the scout who was making bleachers for the Park.


    The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.