Great Valley Middle School
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, November 19, 2015


Parks and Recreation: Chris Lawrence, Chairman, Sue Staas, Ester Underhill, Marylou Forcine, Brian Schlorff of PASC and Supervisor Kevin Kuhn.
Consultants: None
Staff: Lisa Gardner, Recording Secretary, Tim Hubbard, Property & Safety Coordinator

Call to Order:

7:30 p.m.

Minutes for Approval –

The October minutes were approved with a minor edit. The line mentioning Ester Underhill and Frisbee golf should not be attributed to Mrs. Underhill, but an audience member.

Eagle Scout Presentation

Zach Boyle of Troup 406 in Royersford requested time before Members to discuss his idea for an Eagle Scout project. Since he is a member of the Phoenixville Area Soccer Club, he would like to refurbish and or replace the bleacher seats for Field 2 of PASC. His next step is to present official plans to the Board of Supervisors. After being sure there were no conflicting construction plans at the Park, the Members voted unanimous support of Zach’s plans.

Old Business

2016 Charlestown Day Plan

Mr. Lawrence stated that with 2015 Charlestown Day being wrapped up quickly, the planning has already started for 2016. The main issues arising are that Laura Assayag and Amy Kokas are no longer in charge of their areas, and need replacements. They did however, offer to act as consultants and assist whoever takes these areas over. Pretzel City Sports handles 5K’s for community days and may be consulted. They handle timing, management, design, and even the promotional aspect of 5K’s. Since there were not many racers signed up, it is going to be considered. The date may be moved since Phoenixville has a very popular food truck festival the same weekend, and Chester County Day also conflicts.

Also, a larger variety of food is being considered. Tents will not be an expense since there are new pavilions, electric will be in, and portable restrooms will no longer be needed.

The Mill and pavilions are both receiving positive comments on the new Charlestown Parks and Recreation Facebook page. Mr. Lawrence wants pictures this winter of cross country skiing in the parks.

2016 Budget

Mr. Lawrence stated that the final approval is still pending for the budget, but no changes were expected. Tree maintenance costs will likely increase. Eagle Scout projects help keep costs down. A brief list was mentioned by Mr. Lawrence:

New Business

Options for ADA access to Soccer Field #2

Mr. Lawrence received an email about a Renaissance Academy parent that uses a wheel chair. This field is not accessible to her, even with the paved path, due to the incline.

Mrs. Forcine contacted a motorized cart company and the cost would be approximately $1500. Mr. Kuhn reminded Members that the parent is from the Renaissance Academy, perhaps the unit could be stored and charged there. Mrs. Forcine said the rep said it could make the inclines; Mr. Kuhn would want a trial run or demo before considering it.

Signs regulating parking are ready to be installed. The Members are very pleased with the large stones and where they are placed. Mr. Lawrence would like more.

Valley Forge University History of Phoenixville General Hospital Project

Mr. Lawrence discussed signage with University staff while attending this event. They are interested in working with the P&R.

PASC Report

Mr. Schlorff said the season is finished. He thanked the Township for such quick response to the removal of a tree that fell onto a field right before game day. He is leaving one portable restroom at the Park until the bathrooms open in the spring. Since Charlestown Day was rained out, the Philadelphia Union sent a representative player on the last day. He signed autographs for the kids. The Memorial dedication to Alex Gojkovich, Sr. went very well. Phoenixville Memorials provided a beautiful stone at a much reduced cost and everyone at the P&R meeting was very grateful. They will be sending Phoenixville Memorial some pictures and visit their Facebook page. The PMYC finished their 60th season

Charlestown Park Renovations

Mr. Lawrence said the tresses were up and had photos and renderings of Park plans that were never displayed on Charlestown Day. Mr. Kuhn said there are 3 slabs left to pour, and soon footers will be put in for the restrooms. One area had to be dug out, after failing a proof roll. There is one pine tree that is rotting and needs to come down.

Mr. Lawrence asked if the Revolutionary War Cemetery fell under the responsibilities of P&R, and Mr. Kuhn said it was under the Historical Commission.


Mrs. Staas said trail maps were very popular at the last election. Mr. Kuhn said that the Supervisors may consider closing down the Thompson Trail off Tinkerhill Road due to 4 wheelers and defiant trespass. Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Kuhn discussed drafting a letter to local homeowners, especially because the vehicles are coming onto a resident’s property.

Mr. Lawrence created a list of the most needed visual signs for trail areas, Brightside Farm, and the Park.

  1. No vehicles (bikes were discussed)
  2. No fires
  3. All dogs are to be kept on a leash
  4. No alcoholic beverages
  5. Operation hours are sunrise to sunset

He also spoke to Alix Coleman about horseback riders at Brightside Farm. Even though a new paved trail is going in, it will still be an equestrian friendly trail since there will be a mowed path next to it. They also discussed the viewshed near the Wisner-Rapp House, and the difficulty of pulling a horse trailer onto Yellow Springs Road. Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Hubbard explained to Mrs. Staas and Mr. Lawrence that there was limited space for building more trailer parking due to a stream, impervious coverage requirements, and a conservation easement. Mr. Lawrence said speed is a problem on Yellow Springs Road, but has no solution to offer.

Schuylkill River Trail Presentation

Mr. Lawrence discussed a land deal in Phoenixville, regarding Norfolk Southern land being eyed as connector land, perfect for the continuation of the Schuylkill River Trail. An article will soon be appearing in the P.A.T.C.H. that will promote the SRT, and keep other volunteer groups up to date on how the trail is expanding green space and public trails across the surrounding region. Many trail projects in the greater Philadelphia area are finding valuable connectors.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.