Charlestown Township Parks and Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, July 16, 2015


Parks and Recreation Board: Chris Lawrence, Chairman, Marylou Forcine, Jim O’Brien, Phoenixville Marion Youth Club, Karen Schlichter, and Kevin Kuhn.

Consultants: none

Staff: Lisa Gardner, Recording Secretary, Tim Hubbard, Property & Safety Coordinator

Call to Order:

7:40 p.m.

Minutes for Approval –

The June minutes were approved.

Old Business

Charlestown Park

Pavilions and JD Bravo status update –

Mr. Kuhn said there were about 18 contractors at the mandatory pre-bid meeting. To everyone’s surprise, there were only two bids received (for electrical).

In follow-up, when JD Bravo contacted the 6 general contractors, two companies that intended to bid could not. These two companies had relied on only one firm, suggested by the Township, for a demolition quote. This company did not respond.

The project schedule has been revised.

  1. Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting is July 23, 2015 at Charlestown Park
  2. Opening of bids on August 6, 2015 at 3 p.m. at the Township Office
  3. Announcement of winning bid, August 10, at 3 p.m. at a specially scheduled meeting at the Township Office.
  4. Ground breaking end of August 2015

The new completion date is estimated at April 2016. The referral for demolition has been removed. Also, the bidding will be paper and/or electronic, and since it is later in the year, more companies may be able to bid.

Mark’s Maintenance Update –

Park Survey –
The Township Engineer has provided a Park survey.

Fence Update –

Mr. Hubbard said since Long’s Fence quote was too expensive, Melchiorre Construction will be removing the fence and storing it on the north side lot on Academic Way. It still may be used for closing off playing fields.

Coldstream Road Overgrowth –
Mr. Hubbard believes PennDOT will be in the area soon. He saw them working on local roadsides.
Swing Set Relocation –

Mr. Kuhn spoke with the company that is providing the pavilion materials. They told him that there was an increase in the liability of a swing set once it is moved. The aged equipment may be damaged or show signs of rust or rot once it is unearthed. It would also need to be on a location that has been leveled and receive playground grade underlayment. Since the chains and swings are not old, they may be stored, if the swing is not repurposed.

Logos for PMYC and PASC –
Mr. O’Brien will check for the logos in vector format, or search for originals.

New Business

PASC Report –

PMYC report –

Mr. O’Brien said promotion for the first day of football (September 13th) will include local professional athletes, local government officials, and food trucks (noon to 3 p.m.) They will have some vinyl banners about the 60th Anniversary of PMYC, plus an article in the quarterly Phoenixville Magazine. Mr. Kuhn is to see if it is too late to put a blurb in the newsletter, but it will be on the website.

Trails Update –
Brightside Garden –

Mr. Kuhn said he had previously asked Township Council if there was a problem with having honeybee hives at the Farm. Mr. Thompson mentioned a liability issue. Mr. Kuhn will address the Board with the question to get further comments. Mr. Lawrence thought the hive could be in the fenced in area of the garden. Mr. Kuhn suggested putting it in a spot where the Township doesn’t want visitors to be, such as the conservation easement area.

Charlestown Day Update –

Mrs. Schlichter said that the Phoenixville Tech School will be providing only printing this year, since their schedule is much busier than last year’s Charlestown Day. They have a $1000 sponsorship level. Theurkauf Design and Planning is a $500 sponsor and Foresta’s Market has joined. Penn Medicine may also become a sponsor.

Parking volunteers are a big need, and hopefully the University will be able to help. They also have a great band, per Mrs. Schlichter, called Pneuma that she hopes will be there. The next meeting is July 23, 2015.

Other Business

Mr. Hubbard said the owner of the loose dogs, frequenting Brightside Farm, has been found and given a letter from the Township.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.