Charlestown Township Parks and Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School Cafeteria
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of February 19, 2015 – Draft


Parks and Recreation Board: Chris Lawrence via phone, Karen Schlichter, and Marylou Forcine.

Consultants: none

Staff: Tim Hubbard, Property & Safety Coordinator and Lisa Gardner, Recording Secretary.

Call to Order:

7:35 p.m.

Minutes for Approval

The minutes for January were approved.

Old Business

  1. Charlestown Park
    1. Waste Schedule

      Tim Hubbard needs more time to secure contact with Mark Cabot

    2. Outstanding Needed Repairs

      No change in status due to weather.

    3. Fence Status

      There can be no action until the spring thaw, but Mr. Kuhn is going to contact the Historical Society about storage.

    4. Signs Update:
      1. Park Historic Signs

        This is now included in the JD Bravo plan, the next step is deciding content.

      2. Bird ID sign research

        Mr. Lawrence attempted to contact the Audubon Society but received no replies. Next he will contact the Great Valley Nature Center.

      3. Tree ID

        Mr. Lawrence has noticed two Black Cherry trees with signs that have weathered well, he would like to know what or who put them there and try to match them if possible. He asked everyone to research this topic further.

    5. Landscaping Contract

      Mr. Lawrence stated he needs to talk with Mr. Jones. It seems Mr. Lawrence may be in charge of securing any rental equipment for the contractor, even though the contractors usually use their own (per Mr. Hubbard). He wants some clarification.

    6. Bark for Life 2015

      Mrs. Schlichter talked to Vicki Henning, a local coordinator of The Seeing Eye, since they worked with Bark for Life in the past. Ms. Henning directed Mrs. Schlichter to contact the local cancer society. Mr. Lawrence suggested Mrs. Schlichter to try to find a person or local business to organize it, with the support of the P&R. She will check the veterinary office at Bridge Street, put out feelers, and contact Mrs. Csete, to see if she has a contact from years back. This would not be for Community Day but a separate event for the summer.

    7. Mr. Theurkauf’s Recommendation & Implementation

      Mr. Lawrence has discussed the bid process with Mr. Theurkauf and was told to be sure to adjust the mowing for wild areas and new plantings.

    8. Charlestown Park Stream

      Mr. Hubbard will see if a contact at JD Bravo has research leading to its name.

    9. New Board Members

      Suzanne Riley continues to be elusive; no one has contacted her yet.

    10. Park Lights

      Burned out lights at the Park are a concern of the soccer club but this too, must wait for spring.

New Business

  1. Trails Update
    1. Trail walks scheduled for Spring 2015

      Sunday, April 12, 1:00 p.m. Wildflower Walk on the Pickering Trail
      Sunday, May 3, 8:00 a.m. Bird Walk on the Pickering Trail
      Sunday, May 24, 8:00 a.m. Nature Walk on the Thompson Trail
      Trail Work Days are Saturday, June 13 and Saturday, July 11, 9 am-noon.

    2. Trail Walk with Charlestown Parent Teacher Organization

      This is being planned with a possible scavenger hunt on Pickering Trail, per Mr. Lawrence.

  2. Earth Day on Wednesday April 22, 2014
    1. Girl Scouts Trails

      Mrs. Staas is working on this. Mr. Lawrence said the creek at the Park needs cleanup too. There are broken benches, a tire, etc. in the creek. After removal of the heavy items, the scouts could help there, or plant some trees.

    2. PA Horticultural Society Tree Tender Program

      10-50 free trees are being offered to locations such as Charlestown Township, the higher figure for the more urban or “cement” areas. The Park and slip ramp are possible areas for these. The program includes 20 hours of training. Mr. Lawrence thought some may be suitable for along Township Line Road, since the fence is coming down. There are different trees being offered, (some are Lindens for monarch butterflies), some species would be more advisable under power lines. Mr. Hubbard will check the location of the power lines surrounding the Park.

    3. Penn State Ag Extension

      A possible presentation at Charlestown Elementary School on Earth Day is tentatively scheduled for the evening. It is about Pollinator Health and Pollinator City USA designations.

    4. Charlestown Elementary Parent Teacher Organization

      (See 2b)

  3. Charlestown Elementary PTO “Screen Free Week”

    May 4th to the 10th is Screen Free Week, a time to get kids outside. Something will probably be planned for that week too.

  4. PMYC

    Mr. Lawrence sent a copy of the 2012 Park Plan to the PYMC Board for discussion. He has had no response, probably due to the weather.

  5. Upcoming Related Regional Events (see websites for more information)
    1. PA Horticultural Society Tree Tender Basic Training: $25

      Thursdays, April 16, 23, and 30th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at 1685 Art School Road in Chester Springs, PA

    2. Schuylkill Watershed Congress on March 14th 7:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m., Montgomery County Community College, Pottstown Campus.
    3. Monarch and Pollinator Awareness Talk in Phoenixville, February 18th at Molly McGuire’s
      1. Penn State Ag Extension Master Gardeners: Annette Parker and Nancy Gaspari will discuss the value of native plants & pollinators in Pennsylvania.
    4. Water Conservation Talk with Aqua, March 14th at the Phoenixville Foundry
    5. June 22, Phoenixville: Schuylkill River Trail Opening
    6. Earth Day Week: SRT (Schuylkill River Trail) Spree cleanup dates: April 18-23rd

Other Business

Mrs. Laura Assayag has contacted Mrs. Schlichter regarding a Wounded Warrior 5k Run the Saturday after Earth Day. They may use the same route that is used for Charlestown Day. Mrs. Schlichter said Mr. Phillips and Mr. Kuhn both thought it was a good idea. If this is not a one-time happening, it may be combined with a future Charlestown Day. Mr. Kuhn advised contacting Mr. Hubbard and the lacrosse representative to see how it may interfere with items already on the Park calendar. There will be food vendors there too. Mr. Lawrence asked Mrs. Schlichter to send him the contact info for this event.


at 8:15 p.m.