7:30 P.M., THURSDAY, May 17th, 2018
Great Valley Middle School Music Room #154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA


Minutes for Approval

Old Business

New Business

  1. Looking for volunteers/non-profit partnerships for 2018
    1. How can P&R help local groups with their events?
    2. New Parks Board members for 2018
  2. Scout Projects update
    1. Benches and Wetlands overlook rehab (nearly complete!)
    2. Wetlands Trail addition (nearly complete!)
    3. Brightside Farm Info Kiosk/Tree Identification (planning approval complete!)
    4. List of open new projects
  3. Charlestown Park Report
    1. South Parking Lot construction
    2. Bathroom building façade
    3. PASC port-a-potty and dumpster final locations
    4. Young Lungs at play
    5. PMYC Fields and fall schedule.
    6. Rugby group
    7. Healthy Kids running series – over 300 runners!
    8. Mom Group Vendor event June 10th
  4. Trails Report
    1. Horseshoe trail crossing at Brightside
    2. 2019 and 2021 PA Greenways and Trails summit – Charlestown could host?
  5. EAC Report from 1st meeting
  6. GVMBC — trail map discussion summary (already completed)
  7. Charlestown Day
    1. Planning meeting at 6:30 @ music room
    2. Date: Saturday Sept 15th
    3. Planning status report
    4. Science tellers, bubbles, kids activities, vendors and nonprofits, basketball tournament?, music?

Other Business