Great Valley Middle School, Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA


Planning Commission:
Mike Richter, Chairman, Matt Rogers, Vice Chairman, Michael Churchill (absent), Daniel Ghosh, Andy Motel, Andre von Hoyer (arrived late), Dan Walker, and Bill Westhafer.
Thomas Comitta and Wendy McLean, Esq.
Linda Csete, Beth Martin, Lisa Gardner, and Michael Allen.

Call to Order:

7:00 pm.


Mr. Walker stated that the first Regional Trail meeting was held and focused on two items. Connection of the Devault Trail to the Ice Dam Trail and secondly the Horseshoe Trail coming off the roadways (by acquiring easements, etc.). After much discussion, it was decided that:

Approval of Minutes


Mr. Motel moved to approve the minutes of February 8, 2022, and Mr. Rodgers seconded. Mr. Richter called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Act 537 Plan

Mrs. Csete obtained signatures and executed the Martellucci Component 4-A at tonight’s meeting.

General Planning Items

West Whiteland Township Request for Comments of Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Mrs. Csete asked Members if they had any comments after their review. She displayed a map with mainly rural adjacent land to Charlestown. The Members had no comments for West Whiteland Township.

Tree Preservation Ordinance Revisions

Mr. Comitta presented the finalized language for the proposed amendments. He suggested the PC forward the draft to the Board for review and Mr. Thompson contact the CCPC for the required review and commenting.

The difficulty arose in drafting an ordinance that replaced the metrics of tree replacement since the cost of replacement could get very high. It was also difficult to place any retrospective surveillance on a property that may have planned to avoid any ordinance restrictions. However, the highlight of this draft was the care and precision taken in listing the plantings and then grouping them.

  1. Street trees
  2. Trees for buffer areas and along property lines
  3. Recommended evergreen trees
  4. Shrubs
  5. Wetland trees, basin, bioswale, and drainage swale shrubs

Mr. Allen, Ms. McLean, Mr. Motel, and Mr. Richter were pleased with the updated version. Mr. Allen questioned the necessity of listing only native trees (non-native trees have no pollinator matching). Ms. McLean reminded them that this list is for street trees only.

Mr. Motel moved to recommend to the Board approval of the amendments - Tree Protection: Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance Amendments of March 2, 2022. Mr. Walker seconded. Mr. Richter called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Discussion followed regarding tree replacement, logging/clearing, legalities, and culpability. Ms. Jill Green discussed tree replacement after equipment showed up on a neighboring property in November of 2020. A home was planned on a lot with a steep slope and near a quarry. Due to a change in ownership and significant logging that finished in January of 2021, the 9 acres is now a stormwater problem for her and she has had damage to her property.

Ms. McLean stated that the County’s response to this situation was that no permit was triggered or issued due to the size of the property being under 25 acres. Logging is permittable in all counties of the state. Ms. McLean will call the County again regarding the dates to clarify. Townships may provide guidelines but not prevent timber harvesting or add costs to deter it. She provided a handout called Natural Resource Protection Standards. Discussion continued regarding private recourse, new ownership, land disturbance, research, and a new proposed 3-lot subdivision.

Administrative Note

Any documents referred to in the minutes are available to the public upon request to the Township office.


There being no further business, Mr. Richter adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m. The next meeting will be held on April 12th at 7 p.m. at the Great Valley Middle School.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Gardner, Recording Secretary
sheet, 3/8/2022