TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016


Planning Commission: Bill Westhafer, Chairman, Andre von Hoyer, Vice Chairman, Andy Motel, Michael Allen, Michael Churchill, and Michael Richter. Wendy Leland was absent.
Consultants: Thomas Comitta and Randy Patry.
Staff: Linda Csete, Township Manager, and Lisa Gardner, Recording Secretary
Public: Kevin Kuhn, Matthew Bush

Call to Order:

7:34 p.m.


There will be no August meeting if Devault Village representatives are not ready for the agenda.

Mr. von Hoyer asked Mrs. Csete about the Park renovations. She explained where the Township is in the process of receiving a “take-over” agreement from the surety. An update is posted on the website.

Approval of Minutes

June 14, 2016 Minutes

Mr. von Hoyer moved to approve the minutes of June 14, 2016 with minor changes and Mr. Allen seconded. Mr. Westhafer called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Plan Reviews

Fillippo Property – Request for Storm Water Management Waiver-205 Mine Road

Mr. Matthew Bush of JMR Engineering LLC, representing Mr. Fillippo, presented a waiver request for the 4,200 sq. ft. proposed dwelling. He addressed questions from Members regarding a 70’ by 36’ rain garden, on a property where water flows generally south to north. The garden is in a part of the property that bumps out into Mr. Fillippo’s parents’ property. The water will ultimately flow to the parents’ ponds.

  1. The garden will hold approximately 42 native trees and flowering shrubs.
  2. A seed mix will be used that is for moist areas.
  3. Set back is estimated at 30 feet.
  4. It is shallow and therefore lowers visual impact.
  5. The size of the property and only one large dwelling made the applicant choose not to put the stormwater collection underground.
  6. The backup system is a drip system and the overflow was discussed.
  7. It will require a maintenance plan. It will be recorded.
  8. It is equipped with an underdrain. It will have two cleanouts.

Mr. Comitta suggested removing winterberry from the list of plantings since it is a favorite of deer. Mr. Patry is waiting for the outcome of the most recent resubmittal.

Mr. Motel moved to recommend approval of the waiver pending favorable review by Thomas Comitta Associates Inc. Mr. von Hoyer seconded. Mr. Westhafer called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

General Planning Items

Design Review Committee Updates

Design Review Committee Chairman, Mr. Allen, provided updates on the following projects.

Marriot TND3- P.J. Welihan’s
  1. The modifications for the air handlers is acceptable
  2. The cooler is approved as an accessory structure since it is detachable.
  3. Mr. Thompson said the plan needs to be re-recorded since it has changed.
  4. Mr. von Hoyer voiced concern regarding the possible shortage of parking since the square footage/seating of the restaurant has increased. Mr. Patry suggested the applicant resubmit a traffic study and will contact them. The Planning Commission was concerned that the amount of overflow parking that was “set aside” in the plan may actually need to be included in the initial construction of the lot.
  5. Mr. Comitta confirmed that the amended plan needs to come before the Commission and that the parking allotment and updated traffic analysis needs to be reviewed.
Devault Village at Spring Oak
  1. There is a DRC meeting on July 20th to review the Design Manual, and then the developer will respond with comments.
  2. The stormwater plan is also being provided and will be tracked closely.
Spring Oak
  1. There is concern about stormwater management due to potential impervious coverage exceeding the requirements. There is a meeting on July 14th for this.
  2. Mr. Kuhn said Mr. Detorre had no numbers for stormwater management calculations but Mr. Patry said that Advanced GeoServices has them. They will be able to tell if the developer is within the limits as they build. He also stated the stormwater management was done for the average lot size, not the maximum allowable. Also, what was built was smaller than what was on the plan, so the numbers will work out. A summary will also be on the plan.
  3. Lastly, Mr. Allen asked Mr. Patry if the two systems for stormwater management could be overwhelmed, but Advanced GeoServices is holding the developer to what was approved in the stormwater report.
  4. A site plan is due on July 20th with designated plots, providing a complete site plan with every house.
  5. Mr. Allen asked Mr. Patry to check the impervious numbers on a few of the lots. Mr. Patry said they obtained numbers from the building footprints but will check on site.
Spring Oak Clubhouse
  1. There will be an interior stairway connecting the floors.
  2. The exterior staircase may need a roof, it will be investigated.

Devault Basin

Mr. Motel stated that during a site visit to the large basin on Whitehorse Road, he noticed most of the street trees and nearly all of the shrubs have died or are in an unacceptable condition, probably due to lack of watering. Mr. Motel said the plants were installed in a difficult location where watering is vital. It is for this reason that the Township included watering in the original contract to water the new plantings. C.M. Jones has been under Township contract to water as necessary for two years following installation of the plants.

Mrs. Csete said she had received and paid several bills for watering, but none lately. Mr. Motel contacted C.M. Jones but has not received a reply. Mr. Westhafer suggested the contractor may be in default. Mr. Motel will contact Mr. Thompson if he does not receive a prompt reply.

Phase 2 basin bids are currently being reviewed by the Township Engineer, C.M. Jones being the lowest bidder. This could affect the award since this contractor may no longer be considered a responsible bidder. Mr. Churchill stated it may be best to replace what has been lost from Phase 1 before moving on to Phase 2, although late summer is not a good time for planting.

Mr. Motel is waiting to hear from Mr. Theurkauf and C.M. Jones.

Sketch Plan Brochure

The Members reviewed 2 different revisions to the sketch plan brochure dated July 6, 2016. Mr. Comitta heard recommendations for the preferred version, A, and will return with a possible final revision.

  1. Mr. Westhafer suggested adding links and the ordinance for the website version.
  2. Mrs. Csete asked for a statement to be included such as “Relative to the complexity of the proposal, it may be necessary to have Township consultants review your Sketch Plan for a fee”.
  3. Adding the word “Consider” to the sentence about hiring a design professional.

Renewable Energy Ordinance

Mr. Comitta distributed the version dated July 12th, 2016 and received comments. He will review the ordinance with Mr. Churchill and Ms. Compitello of the DVRPC, then return to the August 9th meeting with a clean draft of the ordinance for final review.

  1. Page 4 – discussed where to allow the structures, changed from FR, TND, and R1, to allowable everywhere within ordinance regulations.
  2. Discussed closed loops and setbacks.
  3. Page 7 – discussed D and changed it to “65 feet high or 30 feet higher (the lesser of) and omit the word trees.
  4. The limit is 10 kilowatts.
  5. Revise the definition of small wind energy.
  6. Although the map of Charlestown Township confirms the lack of wind for substantial energy generation, the Commission still feels the need to establish limitations.

Other Business

Mrs. Csete asked if the crosswalk for Maryhill Road was still an idea for the Long Range Plan of the Township. After a brief discussion, it was determined that since it is a state road with poor sight distance, the Township did not want to do anything that would promote crossing Mary Hill Road to reach the Park.

Action Items

  1. Mr. Patry will confirm TND plan submission regarding parking.
  2. Mr. Motel will contact Mr. Theurkauf about the Devault Basins.
  3. Members will review the Energy Ordinance draft.


There being no further business, Mr. Westhafer adjourned the meeting at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Gardner
Recording Secretary