Charlestown Township
Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)
Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 14, 2022

Meeting was held at GVMS Choral Room. Armstrong opened the meeting at 7:05.

Carol Armstrong, (Chair), Meg Solomon (Secretary), Sharon Richardson, Pete Goodman, Stephanie Yocum. Visitors: Ed John and Nick Biondi

Note: Chris Heleniak is our new township manager.

Please add Heleniak to emails that are sent to Linda Csete where appropriate.

October 2022 minutes were approved.


  1. Fish Toxicity - Runoff from roads and car/truck debris (e.g., tires) are toxic to salmon and trout in our streams.
  2. EAC Membership - We voted to recommend to the BoS that Yocum become a full EAC member.
  3. EAC Website - Richardson recommended as a public service that we put on our website what resources are available for disposing and recycling of all kinds of materials.


  1. Southeastern PA Single Use Plastics Coalition (Invitation from WeConservePA) - Multiple Chester County townships have passed a ban on plastic bags and some single use plastic items. We would have to survey businesses in our township. Armstrong recommended the EAC join the coalition. It would require attending meetings every 6 weeks. Consensus of the EAC is not to pursue this right now.
  2. Keep PA beautiful - No update.
  3. EAC Membership - 2 guests tonight who are interested.
  4. SALDO Changes - No increased protections for extent of tree removal during development or for tree replacement. There was an update to the tree list - recommended native plants, shrubs, and flowers. More specific protections to existing trees during construction were added. Also, there is an addition to say that affected owner can take it to the BoS and the BoS can recommend remediation to the offending owner
  5. Turnpike - A Charlestown resident noted that the PA Turnpike Commission (PTC) recently have cut a large number of trees on his property that PTC purchased from him via eminent domain.
  6. Birdtown Application - on the BoS agenda for December. Application is ready to go.
  7. Mushpekat Creek Naming - Goodman working on. Has the approval from BoS.
  8. Battery collection - Armstrong recommended we see the new office space before moving forward.
  9. Basin Beautification - RES working on these also. They are planting native wildflowers and grasses that will tolerate the road runoff and possible dry conditions. Will be doing 3 basins. Soil has poor nutritional quality so they are planting vegetation that adapts well to these conditions.
  10. Township Newsletter article - next article due by 1/15/23.
  11. Community Education - The benefits and challenges of requesting registration for attendance were discussed. Can we send an acknowledgement if they register? Biondi recommended that we go into the community and discuss issues affecting landowners.
    1. Invasive Plant Species should be a priority in spring.
    2. Popup events to help residents identify noxious invasive plants was suggested by Armstrong; she will discuss with P&R.
  12. Riparian buffers at Deerfield and Brightside - Armstrong needs to follow up with Hubbard on concerns about white pine disease. Should we treat ailanthus again? Goodman will survey Deerfield again.
    1. ChesCo Natural Resource Maps - examine for riparian buffer opportunities.
    2. Climate Change Planning - no update.
    3. Salt Pollution in Valley Creek - done by Trout Unlimited, Stroud. 61 years of data and salt concentrations have increased to dangerous levels that risk toxicity for fish and other aquatic life, and are above levels recommended for humans in some areas. The results are from base flow water that is feeding our springs, not runoff that occurs after salting. Goodman is going to take the issue to local EACs. One idea is for a certification for salt applicators. Largest source may be parking lots.

Armstrong closed meeting at 8:50.