Charlestown Township
Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)
Meeting Minutes
Monday, July 11, 2022

Meeting was held at GVMS Choral Room. Armstrong opened the meeting at 7:09.

Carol Armstrong, (Chair), Dan Walker (Vice Chair), Meg Solomon (Secretary), Veda Maany, Pete Goodman (remote), Sharon Richardson Visitors; Jill Green, Ashley Byer (remote), Chris Heleniak (new township manager)

Note: Chris Heleniak is our new township manager.
Please add Chris to any email that is sent to Linda Csete.

June 2022 minutes were approved.


  1. RES Proposal for Brightside – BoS has approved the proposal and Task 1 (see proposal sent by Motel- requires no actual work in year 1.) Moving forward is a bit delayed because the township solicitor is reviewing the proposal and the contract is not yet signed. Goodman did an inventory of the trees growing in hedgerow to learn if there are trees that should be preserved as wildlife forage. There are many Black Cherries, Mulberries and Walnuts. 7/11 update – The EAC was under the impression that invasives would not be sprayed now but spraying was observed and now sprayed thorn bushes with berries and fruit etc. have been contaminated and shouldn’t be eaten. Hedgerows seem to have selective plants dying. Who approved this? Armstrong to research further.
  2. Alkaline battery collection – Montgomery township in Montgomery County is tackling this problem. Armstrong and Solomon are interested in this topic. Armstrong will research further.


  1. Keep PA Beautiful (PennDOT Program for Road Adoption for clean-ups). Armstrong asked if the EAC is interested in participating. Armstrong presented a list of requirements for application (see corresponding Agenda).

    The EAC will think about it. If the EAC participates we would get a sign that might bring more attention to us and solicit more community interest.

    1. Walker took the lead to research further what options are available for keeping volunteers safe while cleanup is occurring (traffic control). Walker did contact Flagger Force – $50 per person per hour. Minimum is 4 hours. Walker will ask BoS if they will fund this expenditure. One possibility is adopting Charlestown Rd. from Charlestown Elementary to Broadwater, 2½ miles. Requires 2 cleanings per year.
  2. Charlestown Day planning. Day announced as September 24th from 9-3. Richardson contacted Stephanie Robinson from P&R about ideas for EAC table. She was responsive and said she will get back to us with ideas, but she has not. Richardson and Maany have been meeting to start the planning. Armstrong asked Ashley Beyer of P&R when forms will be available to invite environmental or other vendors to participate. Beyer will research. Bird Town may have some material available to display on our table.
  3. Weed Warrior Program – Two issues - trail maintenance which is managed by P&R and pulling invasives. Armstrong attended P&R meet and suggested that Frank Beyer could be asked to recommend an action plan for the invasives area that was overgrown. If P&R has another trail maintenance day we should try to help. Armstrong wants to continue with this program to see if we can get more momentum and participation. Beyer said we should get started with Mile-a-Minute. Armstrong will start an email to get an August date for pulling Mile-a-Minute and will start creating marketing materials.
  4. Natural Resources protective ordinances (trees and others) – request per PC & Thomas Comitta Assoc. and county - not ready to go to PC yet. One change being discussed is putting a cap around how many trees could be removed per new development.
  5. Bird Town – Goodman has started to populate the form and will circulate to committee. One section requires township to approve. Lot of other sections to the application. Goodman will try to get advice on completing some of the sections from the committee. Chris Pikel is principle at Charlestown Elementary. That is the only school actually in Charlestown township. Maany will provide Goodman with contact at High School and Armstrong knows Samantha Jouin who is on the Great Valley school board and will connect Goodman with her.
  6. Township newsletter articles (1/15, 4/15, 7/15, & 10/15). Maany wrote one on Bats. Goodman wrote an article on Hummingbirds. He will hold it until a future newsletter. Frank Beyer has a picture of a hummingbird on bee balm from their property if Goodman wants to include. Armstrong submitted one on Charlestown headwaters and wildlife.
  7. Open Land Conservancy – Kendig family site donated, across from Jenkins property. No update.
  8. Community Education – future suggestions
    1. Watershed-Friendly Property Certification program (Armstrong) – date?
    2. Wild Neighbors: Loving, protecting, and peaceful coexisting with wildlife (Phila Metro Wildlife Center) – November 2022. Will go into next newsletter.
    3. Waste: Hazardous, Industrial & Medical
    4. Tour of invasive plant species
  9. Riparian Buffers at Brightside and Deerfield – no update.
  10. Status of Charlestown Riparian Buffer Survey of Potential Sites – Have not received yet from GVWA. Keystone 10 million project.
  11. Devault Basin Beautification Project along Route 29 near Turnpike – Still removing invasives.

Meeting ended at 9:10