Charlestown Township
Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)
Great Valley High School Library
Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 8, 2021

Meeting was held in Great Valley Middle School, Chorale Room, Room 154.

Attendees present:
Pete Goodman (Chair), Carol Armstrong (Vice Chair), Veda Maany (Secretary), Meg Solomon, Sharon Richardson, Daniel Walker. Guest Ashlee Beyer Smith

Goodman opened the meeting at 7:06 pm.

Minutes were approved on a motion by Solomon, seconded by Richardson and were approved unanimously.

Inheriting Friends of website from Parks & Recreation Board - Armstrong reviewed advantages for EAC if we took over. Chris Lawrence, prior Chair of the P&R said they used it as a means to get donations and collect funds. It is a 501(c)3. We all should look at the site. We discussed a few questions to clarify with Chris Lawrence.

Richardson recommends posting archives of Nature News.

Purdue link posting

which we all approved and cleared by Linda Csete- We need to determine which EAC member will proceed with the next step.

Ashlee Beyer Smith presented the P&R Weed Warrior program - invasive plant species removal. She is formulating a plan to carry out most effective way to approach this formidable task. Starting with a list of specific invasive plants. There have been open space inspections that have taken place where invasive species have been identified. Best practice strategy is to remove at an optimum time and focus on a specific species, e.g., multiflora rose. Volunteers need to be able to identify invasive plant verses native species. There is Johnson grass as well. Armstrong offered to work with Beyer to have EAC collaboration with Parks & Rec on the Weed Warrior program

Recruitment for EAC member and associate members–

defer for now to discuss next item. Alternate PC is going to posted on township and Walker recommends posting our opening with it. Goodman will connect with Linda about this.

Jenkins property development.

The latest plan was introduced to BoS. Some changes were made. We reviewed the new changes: There will be a playground. There was concern that the educational center will not be used so it has been removed. There will still be Amphitheatre. Armstrong had previously submitted comments to the plan. The BoS recommendations will be incorporated in the next revision. Armstrong will send an email to BoS informing them we support the new changes.

Riparian Buffer at Brightside.

Goodman had been out there to check on them. 165 trees and shrubs were provided to the EAC to replace dead plants from the phase1, 2, . Plants were provided using grant funding through the Chester County Conservation District. The shrubs were placed within a plot in the community garden to protect them from deer; the plot was provided by Charles Buck. Pete sighted an Eagle while there. First row of the phase 1 plantings has a lot of demise. Have to store trees somewhere and get volunteers to plant (after the meadows are mowed).

Ailanthus tree removal– will have to wait to see their viability next summer.

Community education series:

Goodman has presentation next Tuesday. We discussed the preparations.

Upcoming talk on tree identification- we can provide a webinar in months of dormant trees, or a walk during growing season: Richardson has connections to speakers and will work on getting a commitment for spring 2022. We all agreed that it should take place in Charlestown and discussed payment for speaker as we do have a budget. Armstrong made a move to offer $300 honorarium for expert to give this talk; Maany second it and all were in favor.

Solomon - Nature News:

(Jan., Apr., Jul. & Oct.) - Need topic for January. We discussed ideas for next release. A topic around getting people outside. Word search puzzle. Solomon would like contributions in the next 2 weeks by November 22nd.

Township Newsletter–

next deadline is 1/15/22 for articles. An article about how to report illegal dumping for residents when they see suspicious activity.

Bylaws subcommittee

has met once and is making progress.

Beautification of basins along Route 29

near Turnpike– no update. Charlie Philips is the lead.

EAC plans for 2022-

defer for now due to time constraint. We need to make a list. (Weed Warriors as of now) and maintenance on what has already been done. Technology />

Walker informed us where the new township building will be relocated - One of the office buildings on General Wayne Boulevard off of Rt. 29. No timeline for when move will actually take place.

Natural Resources protective ordinances (trees and others) request per Planning Commission and Dan Mallach.

Goodman presents what TE just experienced with their proposed tree ordinance. We should look at it closer and offer some guidance after looking at matrix of comparison especially regarding tree ordinance.

Armstrong discussed consideration of review of possible legislation for recommendation to our BoS. Right now, two important issues are SB 251 - the fertilizer bill (limit fertilizer use), and EAC recommendations regarding RGGI (regulation of greenhouse gases). According to WeConservePA EACs should avoid direct advocacy to residents but they do recommend that EAC inform the BoS about how to support specific legislation and write letters.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12.