Charlestown Township
Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)
Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 9, 2021

Meeting was held in Great Valley Middle School, Chorale Room, Room 154.

Attendees present:
Carol Armstrong (Vice Chair), Veda Maany (secretary), Ester Estes and Sharon Richardson (Quorum present). Absent : Daniel Walker, Meg Solomon, Pete Goodman.

Armstrong (Vice chair) opened the meeting at 7:19 pm.

Minutes were put forth on a motion by Richardson, seconded by Estes, and were approved unanimously.

Discuss whether to publish Purdue 45 sustainable resources guidelines. Some issues with posting it. Can we add a disclaimer and just post a link? We need to curate resources we post. Richardson will contact Linda to get her input.

No virtual meetings as of now. But folks can call in if unable to physically attend but need to have quorum of 4 persons present. This may be subject to change.

Northern ChesCo EAC group is supporting townships’ efforts to improve and reduce the usage of pesticides. They researched pesticide ordinances in Townships and provided models. We will review and consider writing an ordinance to propose to the Planning Commission. The EAC members present at the meeting made a motion to vote on whether to pursue this as a worthwhile endeavor. Maany made a motion to approve, seconded by Armstrong, approved by present EAC members. For now, we investigate model ordinances and whether we can create a meaningful one for Charlestown.

Sept 25 Charlestown Day. Preparations were discussed. Bring Banners we used from previous year. Armstrong contacted Uhler’s seed on route 30 for plant donations. Contact our landscape/nursery connections for native bulb donations. Bring informational boards from Penn State Ext. Master Gardener and Master Watershed Programs to display. EAC members will send to Veda a question about recycling/environment to have quiz residents like previous year. Ask Eco-store if he has any products to contribute.

Richardson giving talk next Wednesday at 7 pm. Will supply water, cookies, and no waste serving items. The EAC recognized that to continue to present community educational programs to the community, we need to use a registration tool. That way will have their emails and can forward handouts prior to talk. Look into platforms (Eventbrite) for next talk.

Solomon put in special request for members to contribute to next Nature News for October release- food waste/compost. Richardson will write an article on paw paw trees, and also noted that the Paw Paw Festival is coming up in York in September She also offered to write a short note to remind people to refrain from fall clean-up including a piece about a “Lasagna” bed.

Reminder - Nature News released in Oct, Jan,

Charlestown riparian buffer- no updates.

Bylaws on hold until Goodman comes back.

Beautification project - awaiting for proposal from Charles Phillips of the Board of Supervisors, who hired a Landscape company to provide a proposal.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10