Charlestown Township
Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Due to CoVid pandemic shelter-in-place orders, the meeting was held remotely via CiscoWebex

Members present were:
Pete Goodman, Daniel Walker, Carol Armstrong, Meg Solomon, and Veda Maany. Linda Csete and Kristen Snyder.

Pete Goodman (chair) opened the meeting at 6:06 pm.

Minutes of the April meeting were adopted following a motion to approve by Armstrong seconded by Solomon.

New Items:

Goodman shared that the-Buckeye Pipeline is exposed in Pickering. He had reported to Dan Wright on 4/23/20 but action has not been taken to date. It appears to be about 5 feet where bank has eroded, and looks like it has been exposed for quite a while.

Goodman also reports that the new Turnpike maintenance facility will go in on south side of turnpike between Valley Hill and Yellow Springs with access off of Valley Hill. They are in process of applying to DEP for permits.

Green Business Award

Subcommittee consisting of Armstrong, Walker and Maany report updated that the township had agreed to an interview. The subcommittee is in process of making business contacts to arrange other interviews. Charlestown Paving-Excavating is considering an interview. The plan is to announce the recipient of the award on Charlestown Day.

Adelphia Gateway Project (pipeline)

Goodman reports that FERC denied petitions put forth by 2 interveners (DRN & West Rockhill Twp.) for rehearing. DRN filed suit against the Penn East connection with Adelphia. It’s pending approval.

Brightside Farm Park

Clarification was made that the conservation district was awarded the full amount of approximately $7,600. We will work with them to figure out next steps for next phase. We also have had a couple of anonymous donors. The following are questions to address for the next phase:

  1. Who is going to administer and distribute the money?
  2. Who is the project designer?
  3. Is there a timeline?
  4. Could there be contractors and volunteers involved this time?
  5. Coverage for maintenance cost will expire June 2021- how much can we accomplish by then?

Community education series

Given current pandemic, we discussed presenting as a webinar our planned lecture presentation– “Trees as your friend” presented by Lori M. Hayes, (Director of Urban Forestry Philadelphia Parks and Recreation). If it’s going to be a webinar then perhaps consider having it in July. We could consider having her do a walking tour at Charlestown Park. Findlay will discuss with Lori Hayes and explore these options.

Riparian Buffers: township and state compliance

Action plan discussed: take each place Charlestown has an ordinance that is relevant and address it. Different sections of streams have restrictions. Linda Csete has a list of ordinances that are in process of being revised – per Linda there are no other pending environment-related ordinances other than this issue with the riparian buffer. We need a subcommittee to get this project moving. Subcommittee members are Goodman, Armstrong and Walker.

Solomon offered to work on an ebulletin for us to give updates on our various projects. Increase out presence on the township. We also need to think about sending reminders and arrange registration for folks to sign up for our potential webinar. Solomon will work on a format.

Newsletter Articles

Next deadline is July 15th. Kristen Snyder offered to write something about organic gardening. She will also watch the webinar regarding impact of COVID 19 on the environment and see if there is anything to post about what she learned as well.

DCNR Pollinator Program

Armstrong suggests planting seeds in the area of the new riparian buffer on Brightside Farm Park, where the invasives were cleared. She proposed for consideration both seeds and plugs, but Goodman and Armstrong both thought plugs would be too time intensive. She will test out on a small patch first. Estimates that she needs 4-15 lbs. seeds per acre. That may run $500-750. Armstrong will come up with a lower cost proposal and present to the EAC. Snyder will also work with Armstrong on this project.

Other Items:

A letter of support was written on behalf of Charlestown Playhouse for their efforts to address stormwater issues. Goodman met with Allegra Churchill to witness the run-off on a stormy day. They discussed design and the school may consider adding a sediment forebay to their catchment areas.

Solomon will forward materials she received from the regional EAC meeting which she had attended remotely.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.