Charlestown Township Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)

January 10, 2022
7:15 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Meeting at Great Valley Middle School
Chorale Room, Room 154


Review of Minutes and approval

7:55 –

Goals, Projects, and Tasks

Place Holders:

  1. All – Reminder of EAC-initiated projects for next 6+ months: By-Laws, Brightside Farm Riparian Buffer Planting, Deerfield Riparian Buffer, Stream Naming (un-named tributaries), PA Turnpike Sound Wall Group, Charlestown Park Native Trees, Education Series.
  2. Notices:
7:25 –


  1. Armstrong: per Vic Laubaugh, “I really like the idea of the EACs joining the Homegrown National Park ( movement – it seems to cover a lot of what people are interested in – pollinators, productive native plants (, pesticide use.”
  2. Richardson: Congratulations to Veda for her volunteer work with Chester County authorities,
  3. Richardson: Recognize Carol for her presentation to the Immaculata University Lifelong Learning Institute today on Plastics. It was so interesting and informative – I was impressed by how attentive the audience was.
  4. Request to have EAC pay for Brightside buffer sign modifications.

On Going

  1. Recruitment of EAC member and associate members.
  2. EAC Plans for 2022. – Weed warrior, Maintenance of plantings, Website & Technology also see place-holders
  3. Natural Resources protective ordinances (trees and others) request per PC & Thomas Comitta Assoc.
  4. Armstrong, Goodman & Solomon - EAC Bylaws – Committee update on progress, request for EAC members to submit to the committee the by-laws of interest to our EAC.
  5. Richardson: Tree I.D. program – see #10 e.
  6. Solomon – Nature News: (Jan., Apr., Jul. & Oct.) Update. Need Apr. topic. Current: “Things to do Outside in the winter”
  7. Township newsletter articles (1/15, 4/15, 7/15, & 10/15). I.D. some of the spectacular creatures that live here Kestrel, Dobson Fly, Palliated woodpecker
  8. Armstrong: Friends of website. Does the EAC want to assume operation and maintenance? Who to take over?
  9. Weed Warrior program – invasive plant species weeding. Info from Valley Forge National Historical Park.
  10. All: Community Education series future suggestions (lettered) –
    1. Watershed-Friendly Property Certification program (Armstrong).
    2. Wild Neighbors: Loving, protecting, and peaceful coexisting with wildlife (Phila Metro Wildlife Center);
    3. Tour of invasive plant species
    4. Waste: Hazardous, Industrial & Medical
    5. Tree Identification: Can provide a webinar in months of dormant trees, or a walk during growing season: Richardson, get commitment for spring 2022.
  11. Armstrong & Goodman – update on riparian buffer project - Pigeon Run on Brightside Farm Park. Ailanthus tree removal. – Update.
  12. Armstrong, Goodman & Walker – status of Charlestown riparian buffer survey of potential sites
  13. Goodman, Armstrong & Maany. Beautification of basins along Route 29 near Turnpike – Charlie Philips lead.
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Other Updates.

  • Township Manager:
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Board of Supervisors
  • Planning Commission
  • Historical Commission
8:50p –

For our Next Meeting: February 14, 2022