Charlestown Township Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)

November 8, 2021
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Meeting at Great Valley Middle School
Chorale Room, Room 154


Review of Minutes and approval

7:05 –

Goals, Projects, and Tasks

Place Holders:

  1. All – Reminder of EAC-initiated projects for next 6+ months: By-Laws, Brightside Farm Riparian Buffer Planting, Deerfield Riparian Buffer, Stream Naming (un-named tributaries), PA Turnpike Sound Wall Group, Charlestown Park Native Trees, Education Series.
  2. Notices:
7:15 –


  1. Friends of website discussion. It is a 501(c)3. For discussion – Armstrong

On Going

  1. Ashlee Beyer Smith to present on P&R Weed Warrior program – invasive plant species weeding.
  2. Recruitment for EAC member and associate members.
  3. Comments on Jenkins property development, invited by land planner, Kelsey Stanton: all EAC members.
  4. Armstrong & Goodman – update on riparian buffer project - Pigeon Run on Brightside Farm Park. Ailanthus tree removal. – Update.
  5. All: Community Education series future suggestions (lettered) –
    1. The Streams of Charlestown and Fishing in Charlestown – need new title – Fall of 2021 (Goodman). Late October - tentative.
    2. Watershed-Friendly Property Certification program (Armstrong).
    3. Wild Neighbors: Loving, protecting, and peaceful coexisting with wildlife (Phila Metro Wildlife Center);
    4. Tour of invasive plant species
    5. Waste: Hazardous, Industrial & Medical
    6. Tree Identification: Can provide a webinar in months of dormant trees, or a walk during growing season: Richardson, get commitment for spring 2022.
  6. Solomon – Nature News: (Jan., Apr., Jul. & Oct.) Update. Need Oct topic.
  7. Township newsletter articles (1/15, 4/15, 7/15, & 10/15).
  8. Ways to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions: Armstrong, to include information on electricity monetary savings from trees, and Ways to Save Energy (Georgetown Univ.)-
  9. Armstrong, Goodman & Walker – status of Charlestown riparian buffer survey of potential sites.
  10. Armstrong, Goodman & Solomon - EAC Bylaws – Committee update on progress, request for EAC members to submit to the committee the by-laws of interest to our EAC.
  11. Goodman, Armstrong & Maany. Beautification of basins along Route 29 near Turnpike – Charlie Philips lead.
  12. EAC plans for 2022
  13. Natural Resources protective ordinances (trees and others) request per PC & Dan Mallach
  14. Armstrong - Review of possible legislation for recommendation to our BoS. Right now, two important issues are SB 251 - the fertilizer bill, and EAC recommendations re RGGI

Other Updates.

  • Township Manager:
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Board of Supervisors
  • Planning Commission
  • Historical Commission
8:50p –

For our Next Meeting: December 13, 2021