October 1, 2001


Hugh Willig, Chairman, Kevin Kuhn, Vice-Chairman, Paul Hogan, Mike Rodgers, Irene Ewald, Tom Oeste, Esq., Surender Kohli, P.E., Ed Theurkauf, Planner, Linda Csete, Township Administrator, and those on the attached attendee list.

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m.


Mr. Willig announced that the Board held an Executive Session at 7:00 P.M. this evening to discuss legal matters.

Mrs. Ewald wished to remember Bud Zeigler, a former, long time member of the Planning Commission, who along with his wife was an active volunteer in the community. Mr. Zeigler had once worked for the EPA and brought an engineering background to the Planning Commission and made valuable contributions to the planning process. He will be remembered for his gentle manner.

Mr. Rodgers announced that he met with a representative of the DEP last week with regard to the Act 537 Plan. In 1991, final approval of the Township’s plan was contingent on the provision of sewage flow and future flow figures along with an on-site septic system program for homeowners. He has a draft response letter to the Valley Forge Sewer Authority, crafted with input from Thomas Comitta Associates, to distribute to the Board for their approval to send. Mrs. Ewald said that back in 1991, the DEP had 180 days to act on the plan and since they did not, it is deemed approved. She said she’d like to discuss this matter further with Mr. Rodgers.

Citizens Forum for Non-Agenda Items

No items were brought forward at this time.

Minutes of September 10, 2001

Mr. Kuhn moved to approve the minutes of September 10, 2001 and Mr. Hogan seconded. Mr. Willig called the vote and all were in favor.

Minutes of September 18, 2001

Mr. Rodgers moved to approve the minutes of September 18, 2001 and Mr. Hogan seconded. Mr. Willig called the vote and all were in favor.


Accounts Payable Report – October 1, 2001 General Fund

Mr. Kuhn moved to approve the Accounts Payable report for the General Fund for October 1, 2001 and Mr. Rodgers seconded. Mr. Kuhn had a question on check #3616, which appeared to be listed at the wrong amount. Mrs. Csete confirmed a typo on the Report, but that the check itself was written for the correct amount. With this correction on the report, Mr. Willig called the vote and all were in favor.

Treasurer’s Report August 1 – 31, 2001

Mrs. Ewald moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report for September 1- 30, 2001 and Mr. Kuhn seconded. All were in favor.

Zoning Officer

Mr. Kohli said he spoke to PennDOT with regard to the Route 29 bridge replacement project. The contract was awarded in June 2001 but work was deferred due to the inability to enter the stream at that time. The project was delayed further to await the re-opening of Routes 113 & 401. A start date of October 8th is now proposed and completion is expected in August 2002. Mr. Kohli sent a copy of the official detour map to the Township office.

Mr. Kuhn asked about the clearing along the Turnpike across from Whitehorse Road. Will the Turnpike Commission replace the vegetation after their widening work is completed? Mr. Kohli said no, the plan calls for stone rip rap facing Whitehorse Road. Mr. Kuhn asked if this work could be the precursor to a slip ramp at Route 29. Mr. Kohli said the Turnpike Commission is presenting the work as necessary to expand the road to 3 lanes in each direction. Jacob Merriwether, Yellow Springs Road, said he spoke to Walt Green of the Turnpike Commission about the project and was told the bridge widening work is being addressed first in the Turnpike’s plan to widen to three lanes from Valley Forge to Downingtown.

Mr. Kohli reported that he checked the trail at the Zeigler subdivision and that a silt fence that was temporarily blocking the trail has been removed.

Mrs. Ewald asked for the status of the Charlestown Saloon’s continuing false fire alarms. Mr. Kohli said the owner has promised to look into it, and noted that at the present time, there is nothing in the Township’s ordinance to discourage the situation. The owner’s only responsibility is to satisfy Labor and Industry requirements.

Planning Commission

Michael Allen, Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission, said that Commission met on September 25th and recommended approval of the 2-lot Saddlebrook subdivision and the Final Land Development Plan for the Great Valley School District. They also heard a presentation on the Valley Forge Christian College master plan.

Historical Commission/H.A.R.B.

No one was present from the Historical Commission; however, their report is on file.


Mr. Faggioli asked for the status of the Township’s request to borrow a speed enforcement sign from the State Police, and Mrs. Ewald said a letter was sent making the request a few weeks ago. She will follow up.

Mr. Faggioli said a large dead tree on the edge of Mine Road should be removed before the road is paved, as it is partially in the way of the road itself. Paving of Mine Road is scheduled for next week. He’d like to extend the paving to allow 2 cars to pass at all points along the road. This will mean expanding Mine Road to widths ranging from 16 to 19 feet. Mr. Kuhn said he doesn’t want to see any excavating work done to widen, and Mr. Faggioli said it wouldn’t be necessary, just guttering back and then paving. Mrs. Ewald said she didn’t want the same situation to occur with Mine Road as did with the work on Blackberry Lane last year, which she found unsatisfactory. The Roadmaster disagreed with her opinion on the Blackberry Lane work. Mr. Hogan, Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Rodgers said to proceed with paving Mine Road with some widening, and with the large dead tree to be removed.

Fire Marshal/Emergency Operations

Mr. Alston reported that during September, there were 4 automatic fire alarms, 1 wires fire, one gas leak, one transformer fire and 5 vehicle accidents. Precipitation is down 5 inches for the year. He reminded the public to watch for deer at this time of year and to check their furnaces, fireplaces, chimneys and stoves before the winter heating season.

Mrs. Ewald asked if Mr. Alston had been in touch with Michael Churchill with regard to a safety issue at Lynch Homes, and he responded not yet. He said he will work with the Fire Company and Lynch homes on the matter and will call on Mr. Kohli as Zoning Officer if necessary.

Mr. Kuhn asked Mr. Alston to touch base with Mike Allen with regard to emergency issues to be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan.

Parks and Recreation

Mr. Hogan read his report for the Parks & Rec Board dated 10/1/01 in its entirety. The report included numerous pictures of the Pickering Preserve, Brightside Farm and Charlestown Park. He reported that the trail along the Pickering Preserve has been open all summer but is only for the hardy. He’d like to see a new trail created on the opposite side of the creek, perhaps with involvement from the 103rd Engineer Battalion of the Army Corps. He also proposed building a footbridge next to the dam or repair of the dam itself. He also noted a large walnut tree recently fell across the path and must be removed and asked the Board for suggestions on getting the work done.

With regard to the Brightside Farm, after considerable cleanup was undertaken at the barn last week, there is straw mixed with papers and trash piled next to the door that must be removed. The land in front of the barn entrance was graded so water will drain away from the manure pit instead of into it as before. Approximately 10% of the contaminated manure has been removed from the cow stall areas. Mr. Hogan said in the future he will come to the Board for approval of work, as there was some disagreement on work and costs he authorized last week on his own.

Mr. Hogan reported that the trail at Charlestown Park is now linked with the VFCC trail. Dr. Meyers of the VFCC has offered to supply benches for both trails and Mr. Hogan told him to proceed. Logs and other debris must still be cleaned up from the stream, and more wood chips are needed for the nature trail. Trails at the Brightside Farm and Pickering Preserve also need wood chips. He proposes the installation of ¼ or 1/10 mile markers for all three trails.

Brightside Farm Committee

Mr. Kuhn said the farm looks wonderful after all the clean up efforts last week; however, he is concerned about the budget. The Board appropriated $2,000 for work by Mark Cabot and Dave Ludwick and $1,000 for door locks, which has yet to be completed. Last week, a bill for almost $12,000 was received from Melchiorre Construction, and the Board did not approve their involvement and work. Mr. Hogan said Mark Cabot is working on the doors now.

Mrs. Ewald agreed that the work was unauthorized and not what the Brightside Farm Committee (BFC) approved, but she pointed out that it would have to be done eventually. However, the bulldozing over the septic field and the grading work, which now causes water to run into the springhouse, should not have been done at all and the BFC will be reviewing these matters. Mr. Faggioli said the water goes away from the springhouse, not toward it, and the bulldozer didn’t damage the septic field. The work was done to open the area to volunteers, who have now removed all the hay from the barn. Trees and shrubs in the area have been removed.

Mrs. Ewald said the #1 priority of the BFC is to get a caretaker into the farmhouse before winter. The committee will be meeting again soon to review what needs to be done to prepare for a caretaker in light of recent environmental assessments underway. She said the selection of seed must be done soon. She requests that the Brightside Farm budget be expanded to $25,000. Mr. Hogan said decontamination of the barn is a higher priority than seeding the fields. Mr. Kuhn suggested closing up the house until the Board can decide what course to take. Mrs. Ewald said it is the BFC’s task to come up with recommendations and policies on the farm. Mr. Kuhn clarified that the committee is advisory to the Board only and reminded its members they are not empowered to engage a director on the Township’s behalf without Board approval.

Mr. Willig said the Board went through a list of things to do at the Brightside Farm, concentrating only on the house. No cleaning was approved until environmental issues could be addressed. The cleaning company Serv Pro was selected for the work but would be held back until any necessary mitigation was completed. He said members of the committee and board are branching out in other directions not agreed upon by the Board. There was some disagreement about the use of Melchiorre Construction for bulldozing at the farm. Mrs. Ewald said they were only authorized to spread macadam left over from the park, not to do other work without plans or specs. Mrs. Ewald objected to a volunteer who has been cutting the field without approval and parking equipment at the farm. Mr. Rodgers argued that he is donating his time and equipment.

Mr. Willig said the matter is getting complicated with a loss of purpose. Mr. Theurkauf distributed an updated proposal for a visioning process for the farm. Mr. Kuhn requested that the BFC appoint a chairman to speak for the committee. Mrs. Ewald said this has been discussed. She asked the Board to consider appointing Alix Coleman and Russ Hanscom to the Brightside Farm Committee, stating they have both been very valuable to the process. Mr. Willig moved to accept both nominations and Mrs. Ewald seconded. Mr. Merriwether said Mr. Hanscom has attended every meeting of the BFC and that Ms. Coleman is the only active farmer in their group and her knowledge of farming and people in the farming community is very valuable. Mr. Willig called the vote and all were in favor.

Valley Forge Sewer Authority

Mr. Rodgers reported that the VFSA board has selected seminar subjects of interest and that the general manager is providing education on these topics. Mr. Rodgers said he’s unsatisfied on numerous matters of finance as figures presented leave many questions unanswered. Members have requested a financial plan for the proposed $5.2 million expansion in East Pikeland Township. An economic study is needed before expansion proceeds. Mr. Rodgers said the members have agreed to his request for a recording secretary other than the general manager for the board minutes, but when the minutes came out there were errors and omissions. The Manager is editing the transcribed minutes. Mrs. Ewald said she’d like to ask the VFSA why commercial dumpers are traveling from Connecticut and elsewhere to dump at the VFSA? She asked for clarification that they are not dumping on Sundays. Mr. Rodgers said his understanding is that there is no dumping on either Saturdays or Sundays.

Citizens Advisory Committee to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

There was nothing new to report.


Spring Lane Farms – Conditional Use Application

Mr. Oeste opened the record and stated that the applicant requested a continuance in their letter dated 9/26/01. The matter was continued to 11/19/01 at 7:30 P.M. at the Great Valley Middle School Room 154 with the proviso that if the meeting is cancelled or postponed, the hearing will be scheduled for the next scheduled meeting. Mr. Panizza agreed.

Old Business

Deerfield – Discussion

John Panizza, Chuck Dobson, P.E. and Bob Smiley were present from GenTerra Corporation to review proposed settlement stipulations for the Deerfield subdivision. Mr. Panizza said he is interested in reaching and finalizing an agreement with the Board. He displayed the overall site plan for the Board and provided a copy for the township file. Mr. Panizza referenced a 8/14/01 letter from Mr. Oeste to their attorney, Lou Colegreco and Mr. Panizza’s response letter dated 9/12/01 to Mr. Oeste. Item numbers on Mr. Panizza’s letter correspond to paragraphs of Mr. Oeste’s letter. Mr. Panizza’s responses and Board discussion was as follows:

Item #8 Applicant agrees to replace existing hedgerows and trees with native species as approved by the Township Land Planner.

Item #7 Applicant agrees to comply with the Township Engineer’s recommendations and comments regarding stormwater management. Mr. Kuhn asked for clarification that compliance will not leave wiggle room. Mr. Panizza agreed to comply with those ordinances in place at the time of the original submittal. Mr. Dobson said best management practices will be utilized in the open space to the greatest extent possible. He doesn’t want to preclude a standard basin along the western portion of Valley Hill Road, since the hydrological analysis has yet to be completed to make a determination on what is needed. Mr. Rodgers asked why the basin can’t be underground. Mr. Panizza said this takes a lot more room and wouldn’t fit in the space. Mr. Kuhn asked if water could be diverted to the open space. Mr. Dobson said this shouldn’t be done due to the small existing culverts under Valley Hill Road that would take in more water as a result. The same amount of drainage must be maintained, not increased. Mr. Rodgers asked for the size of the basins along Valley Hill Road. Mr. Dobson said two basins will take 75-85% of the open space; one will measure approximately 150 x 100 and the other 250 x 75, to be constructed partially underground and able to handle a 2 year storm. Mr. Panizza said they are committed to designing smaller swales and underground drainage on the eastern side of the site. Mr. Kuhn asked what the applicant’s obligation is per the ordinance. Mr. Kohli said they must control their increased runoff. The Township is asking them to control water further to stop sheet flow across Valley Hill. Mr. Kohli said instead of 5 to 6 basins, he’d like to see them combined and kept under 2 feet, partially underground. Mr. Panizza said he will do so in the western area if possible. Mrs. Ewald asked how the houses will handle the runoff from the Turnpike. Mr. Kohli said they must control it with grading to inlets on the roads and into the basins. Mr. Panizza said this should improve water management for Valley Hill Road residents. He wouldn’t suggest stormwater management under the Deerfield roads per Mrs. Ewald’s inquiry because these systems sometimes fail and these roads are intended for dedication to the Township. Mr. Kohli agreed that he would only consider this option for private roads.
Item #5 Mr. Panizza said he cannot provide more information on the size, specific location and depth of the stormwater management basins at this time. He will try to minimize the visual impact but can’t commit to basin size without full engineering. Mr. Kuhn said the houses along Valley Hill Road won’t have usable backyards because of the basins, but Mr. Panizza said they will still have room. Mr. Oeste asked if the existing embankment on Valley Hill Road will be disturbed, and Mr. Dobson said it might be necessary due to PennDOT requirements. Mr. Panizza said they will revegetate the hedgerow at the northern edge of the basin between the road and basin and also along Valley Hill Road outside sight line triangle and pipeline easement.
Item #1 Applicant agrees to accept Mr. Kohli’s conclusions on the acceptability of the steep slope mapping, high ground water delineation, flood hazard district delineation, soil mapping and wetlands delineation as depicted in the Settlement Plan.
Item #4 Mr. Panizza responded no to Mr. Oeste’s comment that the Township understands the Turnpike Commission to have an easement to discharge stormwater onto this property. There is no written agreement. Mr. Oeste said then it would be implied after so many years of use and the Applicant must manage the stormwater from the Turnpike along with its own. Mr. Kohli asked if there is somewhere to channel water in the wooded open space area next to the Turnpike. Mr. Panizza said if the engineering studies indicate this is practical, and if tree removal can be minimized, he would consider it. Mr. Panizza added that he has no problem re-vegetating whatever is removed for basins and will place the vegetation wherever the Township wishes on the site. He added that they will re-create the hedgerow buffering the large open space lot along Yellow Springs Road.
Item #6 Mr. Panizza agreed to comply with Mr. Kohli’s recommendations on the granted conditional uses. He added he may be able to cooperate with the Township, perhaps by providing parking for the Park.
Item #3 With regard to the Township’s request that specific information on the availability of water be submitted, Mr. Panizza said he is proposing 39 wells on 92 acres. A large amount of open acreage surrounds the site with no development scheduled on it. He indicated he would be willing to supply public water if the Board preferred but feels he will have no problem drilling successful wells. He acknowledged that with no water, no house would be built on that lot. He said there are some options with wells, including water storage systems, and he is confident he can satisfy the County Health Department. Mr. Willig asked if he knew how the neighbors’ wells are and whether his prospective homebuyers will be satisfied with their water supply. Mr. Panizza said he did some investigating and hasn’t found any problems with wells in areas of similar geology. None of the neighbors to the site he’s spoken with have reported well problems to him. Mrs. Ewald said she has heard neighbors bring up well issues. She pointed out that his market buyer may not be attuned to well conservation practices. Mr. Panizza agreed to dig the well first before beginning house construction. Mrs. Ewald asked what skipping over lots that could not supply water would do to the overall plan. The lots would be resized and awkward in configuration. Mr. Kohli suggested drilling a well, skipping a lot, then drilling another to get a succession to avoid configuration problems. Failed lots could then be merged with successful lots or held aside for future testing. Mr. Panizza said he would give this some thought.
Item #2 Mr. Oeste’s letter stated the Board’s expectation that each lot would have a primary standard in ground septic system. A second septic area would be provided on each lot and in most cases would be located on that lot. A few would be located in the open space. Mr. Kuhn referred to Mr. Panizza’s spreadsheet entitled “Inventory of Septic Systems”. He said he expected 2 to 4 back up systems in the open space and now sees 6 plus some primary systems. Drip irrigation is proposed for some lots, as are sand mounds. Mr. Dobson said sand mounds are the least desirable system since they are least reliable and visually intrusive. Mrs. Ewald added that their failure rate in Charlestown is higher then elsewhere. Mr. Dobson said due to the drainage patterns on site, low areas will need sand mounds as dictated by the Health Department. The Health Department will insist upon the homeowners’ association managing routine inspections of the septic systems, which will decrease the chance of failure. Mr. Panizza said the main reason for difficulties with the septic systems is the reduction of lot size for this cluster plan. Mr. Smiley said there is room for a sand mound and a back up site on each lot. Mr. Panizza said if the Township can agree on their priorities, he will continue to test for septic sites. Mr., Kuhn asked about clearing trees at the turnpike for systems. Mr. Dobson said clearing for a system will take approximately a 60 x 80 ft area. Mr. Panizza said the tree line would be invaded even on the 2-acre plan. He said there are 10 offsite systems, two of which straddle the lots they serve. Mr. Willig said there are 2 shown at the western end of the site near the stormwater management basins and asked if there is a conflict. Mr. Dobson said no, drip irrigation is proposed there and doesn’t show. The stormwater management is deeper. Mr. Kohli said there is a 50’ isolation distance required. Mr. Kuhn asked if they had used drip irrigation elsewhere. Mr. Panizza responded yes, but none are completed yet. Mr. Panizza said the Fieldstone Partners development has some. Mr. Kohli acknowledged this, stating that the Health Department approved them. Mrs. Ewald suggested dropping 5 lots from the plan, which would overcome all water and septic problems. Mr. Panizza said septic is of less concern to him. He is sure the systems proposed will work. Mr. Kuhn said sewage is of greater concern to the Township. If they fail in 20 years, the Township may have to remedy them by bringing in public sewer. Mr. Panizza said he makes his buyers aware of the type of system they have and how to maintain it. Mr. Dobson said in this case, the homeowners’ association will monitor the required pumping. Mr. Kuhn asked if this will be included in the homeowner’s association documents, and Mr. Panizza said yes. Mr. Rodgers asked if the homeowner will have to pay if their septic fails and public sewer is brought in. Mr. Panizza said yes, this can be set up. Homeowners could pay a pumping charge and the extra funding could be collected for a failure scenario. Mr. Rodgers asked what happens when a drip irrigation system is operating in freezing weather. Mr. Dobson said this system type originated in Wisconsin, and that the warm wastewater doesn’t freeze even in that harsher climate. Mr. Kohli said the County now approves drip irrigation as an alternate system. Mr. Panizza said he’ll do sand mounds if necessary but feels drip irrigation is better and can better achieve other goals of this plan, including protection of the viewsheds. Mrs. Ewald asked if the homes would have garbage disposals and Mr. Panizza said no. She asked if the homeowner’s documentation would prohibit them and Mr. Panizza said that can be done. Mr. Kuhn suggested adding language to the plans and deeds that the homeowners association will be responsible for covering the cost of changing to public sewer in the event of systems failure. Mr. Panizza said he had no objection. Mr. Kuhn also asked for a restriction against in ground sprinkler systems. Mr. Kohli said the primary septic system site should be located on the property it serves. Currently there are 10 primary systems off site. Mr. Panizza said he’s trying to understand the Board’s priorities and asked that they establish one so he knows how to proceed. Mr. Dobson said drip irrigation systems can’t all fit on their lots as they take up a lot of room and must be placed exactly on contour. Mrs. Ewald said she’d like to meet with the Township’s consultants to learn more about drip irrigation before stating any preferences. Mr. Panizza said he would like the Board to indicate which of the two plans they prefer – the 2-acre plan or the cluster plan. He said he prefers the cluster plan and pledges to reduce the offsite septic areas as much as possible once the engineering details are available. Mr. Kuhn said he likes the open space available in the cluster plan but doesn’t want to approve it at the expense of homeowners who will have septic problems later on.

Mrs. Ewald asked if Mr. Panizza has selected a builder for the site, and Mr. Panizza said no. Mrs. Ewald asked if there is anyone representing themselves as having an agreement with Genterra to build on the site. Mr. Panizza said no. He said he’s spoken to several people but is not close to any agreement. Mrs. Ewald asked if Genterra would give the land to the Township. Mr. Panizza said no, but he would be happy to sell it for a profit.

Mr. Oeste will draft a memo outlining the issues discussed tonight. Mr. Willig said the Board’s inclination is to get the cluster plan worked out and Mr. Panizza agreed that he would like to do so as well. He said he will continue testing and remain flexible. The matter will be discussed at the October 15, 2001 Board meeting. The memo will be reviewed and possibly additional discussion will follow if time permits. Mr. Panizza said he will revise his memo also.

Mr. Kuhn requested drip irrigation data from Mr. Dobson, and he agreed to provide it for the Board’s review prior to the November 5, 2001 meeting.

The Board scheduled an executive session to discuss the legal issues of this matter for October 12, 2001 at 7:00 A.M. at the Township office.

Spring Lane Farms – Discussion

Mr. Panizza requested meetings with board members two at a time, outside of the public meetings and not constituting a quorum, to discuss the Spring Lanes project. The Board declined and stated their wish to conduct all discussions as a whole entity.

Brightside Farm Committee Discussion

Mr. Connolly said it will take approximately 80 hours to remove everything from the old stone bank barn and either remove the contents or spread them on the fields. Mr. Kuhn suggested that Mark Cabot undertake this work with Newell Burdock under the Brightside Farm Committee’s monitoring.

Mr. Connolly said Newell Burdock has proposed to prepare and seed the fields in exchange for $1,600 in seeds, space to store equipment, and the right to harvest hay for three years. A hay crop builds the soil and will solve weed and erosion problems at the site. There was some discussion on whether the Township should pay for the seed; with Mr. Kuhn feeling the farmer should pay the cost himself. After further discussion, Mr. Kuhn moved to purchase the $1,600 in seed and provide Newell Burdock with a 3-year contract to harvest hay with 80 hours labor to be provided in 2002 to make up the cost of the seed. Mr. Rodgers seconded and 4 were in favor. Mrs. Ewald did not vote. Mr. Oeste will draft a letter agreement for Mr. Newell to sign. Mr. Kuhn asked what will be done if it’s found that fertilizer is needed for the fields. Mr. Willig said the Board will deal with this later if it comes up.

Mr. Connolly said the BFC is reviewing the Frens & Frens proposal and asked the Board to consider it. Mrs. Ewald said the BFC asked Mr. Connolly not to bring this proposal forward to the Board and in fact voted not to do so. Mr. Connolly asked the Board to direct the BFC to work on plans for adaptive reuse of the house as recommended by Dale Frens. Mr. Rodgers said he wants to see all options the committee is considering and Mr. Hogan agreed. Mr. Kuhn said the visioning process should drive these options. Mr. Connolly said that according to the last sentence of Mr. Frens’ proposal, the house has no other use than as a house and therefore there are few options to consider. Mr. Kuhn suggested getting a proposal for rehabbing the house as a residence next year after closing up for the winter. Mrs. Ewald said this is not the will of either the Board or the BFC. Mr. Willig asked the BFC to return to the Board in two weeks.

Mr. Rodgers said Mr. Faggioli is interested in renting the small barn, or providing mowing in lieu of rent, in order to store some equipment there. Mrs. Ewald opposed this request, saying he shouldn’t be given access to the site. Mr. Hogan said the more presence and activity there the better for security.

Proposed Park Improvements – Round 10 Grant

Discussion was held on how to utilize approximately $20,000 in grant funding remaining at Charlestown Park. With a deadline of 12/31/01 to submit all requests for reimbursements, Mr. Connolly suggested undertaking projects that could be implemented quickly. He recommended accepting Mr. Theurkauf’s 9/12/01 proposal for a landscape plan for perimeter buffering, landscaping and site furnishings. Mrs. Ewald asked about the possibility of upgrading the playground. And Mr. Connolly said there isn’t sufficient time to install additional playground equipment. Mr. Kuhn moved to authorize Mr. Connolly and Mr. Theurkauf to work out issues on the landscape plan and proceed. Mr. Rodgers seconded and four were in favor. Mrs. Ewald did not vote.

New Business

Commons @ Great Valley Lot 15 Escrow Release #5

Mrs. Ewald moved to approve the Commons at Great Valley Escrow Release Request #5 and Mr. Rodgers seconded. All were in favor.

Other Business

Act 537 Plan

Mr. Rodgers asked for approval from the Board to send a draft letter to the VFSA regarding steps to be taken to obtain an approved Act 537 Plan. He’ll distribute the draft to them tomorrow. The Township must provide flow data and promise a site-monitoring program within 6 months, with the state covering 85% of the cost. Mr. Kohli said in 1991, an ordinance was drafted to address site-monitoring issues. There would be an education component by informing residents at time of occupancy change and in township newsletters. Tanks must be pumped every 2-3 years with confirmation provided to the township under penalty for noncompliance. Mrs. Ewald said she wished to discuss this matter further and that the Township doesn’t want approval of the Act 537 plan if it will require inspections of all septic systems.


There was consensus to adjourn. Mr. Willig adjourned the meeting at 12:10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. Csete, Secretary