FEBRUARY 28, 2000

The fourth business meeting for February was held February 28, 2000 at the Valley Forge Christian College Student Center. Irene W. Ewald, Chairman, Hugh D. Willig, Vice Chairman, Paul J. Hogan, Kevin R. Kuhn, Michael J. Rodgers (arrived later), Thomas F. Oeste, Esq., Gary C. Bender, Esq., Surender S. Kohli, P.E., Thomas J. Comitta, Linda M. Csete, Secretary, Leah Campion, Asst. Twp. Secretary, and those on the attached attendee list were present.

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 P.M.


Mrs. Ewald made five announcements:

  1. The Board of Supervisors held a brief executive session including Gary Bender, Esq. following the February 21, 2000 meeting for a status update on negotiations for the acquisition of open space.
  2. Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Ewald attended the annual Kimberton Fire Company awards banquet on Saturday, February 26, 2000 where volunteers were recognized for their efforts. She said it was an extremely nice occasion and a pleasure to participate.
  3. The Board hopes to find volunteers willing to help organize and participate in a township wide clean up on April 22, 2000, Earth Day.
  4. The Pennsylvania State Police will give a presentation at the Board meeting on March 6, 2000.
  5. The following item is added to tonight’s agenda under new business: Revision to Act 537 Plan.

Citizens’ Forum - Non-Agenda Items

William Longua, 1061 Rees Road, reinforced his earlier statements that he supports traffic restrictions for Union Hill Road, Tinkerhill Road and Rees Road. He’s driven roads in neighboring townships with similar restrictions and believes the same is necessary in Charlestown Township. He thanked the Board for giving the residents of these roads a voice. Mr. Kuhn reminded Mr. Longua that the Board is currently conducting traffic studies and that a specific proposal for traffic restrictions has not yet been developed.

Approval - Minutes of February 21, 2000

Mr. Kuhn moved to approve the minutes of February 21, 2000 and Mr. Hogan seconded. Mrs. Ewald called for discussion from the Board and comments from the public. There being none, she called the vote and all were in favor.

Two Concurrent Hearings: Toll Bros Inc. - (1) Tentative Plan Application and (2) Conditional Use Application: Charlestown Meadows, 76.8 Acres at Newcomen Road and Route 401 (Conestoga Road)

The proceeds were recorded by a court reporter. The hearing was continued to March 13, 2000 at 7:30 P.M. at the Valley Forge Christian College Student Center.

Proposed Revision to the Charlestown Township Act 537 Plan

Mr. Oeste referred to Toll Bros Inc.’s request for a revision to the Township’s Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan. Mr. Oeste said no formal review request was included in the submission of January 7, 2000. As a result, Mr. Oeste sent a letter dated 2/16/2000 to the Applicant indicating that the Township was treating the document as informational only, and not as an official request for revision of the Act 537 Plan. The Applicant’s Attorney responded with his opinion that it was an official submission. Mr. Oeste then read portions of a proposed Resolution, by which the Board of Supervisors would deny the submitted Revision.

Mr. Rodgers moved to approve Resolution #556-00 and Mr. Hogan seconded. Mrs. Ewald called for comments from the Board and then the Public. There being none, she called the vote, and all were in favor.

Other Business

Toll Bros. Inc. - Availability of Documents

Mrs. Ewald requested that the applicant provide two complete sets of their 1/7/00 submission to the Township office. One set will be provided to West Pikeland Township and arrangements will be made to have the second set available at the Yellow Springs Library. West Pikeland Board of Supervisors Chairman Dr. Irwin offered a schedule where the plans at the West Pikeland Township office will be available for review at 1208 Chester Springs Road adjacent to the Chester Springs Post Office. Mrs. Ewald requested that the Secretary post this schedule on the Charlestown Citizens’ Web Site. A full set is also on file at the Charlestown Township Office, 4030 Whitehorse Road, Devault during office hours of Mon-Wed-Fri 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.


Mrs. Ewald adjourned the meeting at 10:35 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda M. Csete
Township Secretary