BUDGET MEETING - October 19, 1998

The annual budget meeting was held October 19, 1998 at the Charlestown Township Office at 4251 State Road. John B. Sauser, Chairman, Robert C. Wert, Vice Chairman, Irene W. Ewald, Linda M. Csete, Secretary, John E. Panizza and Theresa K. Ott were present.

1999 Budget:

Revisions were made to the initial draft budget for 1999 prepared by the Township Secretary-Treasurer.

Other Matters:

Accounts Payable

Two checks were approved as follows:

#1830to Devault Foods Inc. representing office rent for November and December 1998 in the amount of $936.00

#1831 to Bekins Transfer & Storage Co. for the office move scheduled for 10/27/98 in the amount of $1,175.00.

Lease - Office Relocation

The Board signed a lease agreement between the Township and Devault Foods Inc. for a three year term beginning November 1, 1998 for the entire second floor of the Devault Building, located at 4030 Whitehorse Road above the Devault Post Office.

Road Contracts

The Board signed the 1998-1999 Road Equipment and Materials contracts.

Discussion - Zoning Hearing Board Applications

Discussion was held on the Zoning Hearing Board applications of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and Omnipoint Communications.

Discussion - Chesterfield Lane

Discussion was held on the Somerset subdivision/Chesterfield Lane issue.

Approval - Fire Hydrant Markers

The Board approved the purchase of fire hydrant markers per the Fire Marshal’s recommendation.

Approval - Internet Provider

The Board directed the Secretary to proceed with setting up internet/e-mail service at the new township office.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda M. Csete, Township Secretary