Board of Supervisors
Business Meeting
October 21, 1996

The Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, October 21, 1996 at the Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown Road, Devault, Pa.


John B. Sauser, Chairman, Robin J. Kohn, Vice Chairman, Irene W. Ewald, Member, James E. McErlane, Esq., Surender S. Kohli, P.E., Linda M. Csete, Secretary, and those on the attached attendee list.

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 8:00 P.M. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


There were no announcements.


Mr. Sauser moved to correct the minutes of August 19, 1996, page 3 for Great Valley Materials, which read, “...plan recordation deadline to March 31, 1996” to read “March 31, 1997.” Mr. Kohn seconded and two were in favor.

Citizen’s Forum:

Stephen Schlichter requested an update on the Valley Forge Christian College proposed sketch plan for apartments. Mr. Sauser stated that nothing new has been submitted and the plan seems to be dormant.

Ellen Behrle, 35 Sycamore Lane, asked if tree limbs and brush cleaned up by PECO Energy and piled on the Evasew property would be cleared by the township. Mr. Sauser stated that normally the property owners are responsible for removing fallen tree limbs from the right of way on their properties. Mrs. Ewald stated that in the past, the township Roadmaster has taken care of this type of clean up.

Jim Quay, Coldstream Road, asked if PennDOT plans to pave Coldstream Road, and Mrs. Ewald responded that they plan to pave it from Route 113 to Charlestown Road later this year.

Mrs. Behrle asked for the status of the road contract, and Mr. Sauser said it has been signed with Rittenbaugh Excavating & Paving. She asked if the Performance Bond is in place, and Mr. Sauser stated that they have 20 days following the date of the contract to produce one. In response to Mrs. Ewald’s questions, both Mr. Kohli and the Secretary indicated that it hasn’t been received yet. Durando Faggioli, Oak Lane, commented that, in the past, the Performance Bond was in place before the contractor started work and he believes it to be against PennDOT regulations to do otherwise.

Stephen Schelhorn, 1 Lindsay Lane, requested that the three homes on Lindsay Lane, numbered 1,2, and 3 be exempted from the re-numbering plan passed by the Board on October 16, 1996 which would change the three addresses to 20, 40, & 60 Lindsay Lane. Mr. Sauser said the re-addressing committee has reviewed this request along with others and submitted recommendations. Mrs. Ewald read a portion of this report, which indicated that the committee recommended that Lindsay Lane keep the addresses assigned in the approved re-addressing plan. Mr. Sauser said that the Board will consider their recommendations before making a decision.

Charlestown Hunt - Emergency Access Cartway Width:

Mr. Kohn moved to approve a reduction in the Broadwater Lane cartway to 12 feet conditioned on the receipt of a letter from the Kimberton Fire Chief indicating that both the width and layout of the emergency access were acceptable to the fire company. Mr. Sauser seconded and two were in favor. Mrs. Ewald did not vote.

Mrs. Ewald suggested that the Board consider a reduction in the Broadwater Lane right of way to 20 feet if possible. Mr. Kohli will review whether this matter has been considered by the Planning Commission.

Charlestown Hunt - Stormwater Discharge:

Mrs. Ewald reported that she received several calls over the weekend regarding stormwater runoff from Charlestown Hunt. Mr. Kohli stated that he received a call from Lesia Hyrsio about water on her property originating from the Hunt. Mr. Kohn stated that he checked the site and agreed that the surrounding properties were severely affected by this runoff and that Buckwalter Road appeared to have a foot of water standing on it.

Road Tour:

The Fall Road Tour was scheduled for Sunday, November 10, 1996 at 12:30 P.M.

Mrs. Behrle asked about the status of the Roadmaster. Mr. Kohn stated that an official resignation has not been received but that it is anticipated.

Budget Meeting:

The Annual Budget Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 29, 1996 at 9:30 P.M.

Buckwalter Road - Railroad Crossing Signs:

Mrs. Ewald asked the Secretary to see what the Township paid last year for similar work. Mr. Sauser stated that two quotes have been received and the lower one should be selected.

Signage for Private Drives:

Mr. Sauser reviewed some options in the type of street sign that could be used for the private drive, including a standard breakaway post, sign and cap for approximate $40.00 combined. Another option would be to use 4 X 4 treated lumber posts with a sign and cap. Mr. Faggioli suggested looking into the type of road sign used in Upper Merion Township and elsewhere, that consists solely of a wooden post with the street name vertically routed directly into the post. This would eliminate the stealing of road signs but may be more expensive. Pricing will be obtained by the Township Secretary prior to the upcoming budget meeting so a decision can be made and the signs ordered.

Mrs. Ewald suggested that the Township pay for the initial signs and their installation but require that the property owners be responsible for the cost of future replacements. Mr. Kohn agreed and suggested that the property owners on the private lanes be notified of this policy via letter. Mr. Connolly asked if people could design and put up their own signs, and Mr. Sauser stated the Board would consider it if specs were developed to satisfy public safety concerns.

Mr. McErlane suggested that the Board could adopt an ordinance incorporating the private lane sign regulations and include any other changes needed in the approved plan.

Status of Appeal to Schuylkill Township’s Act 537 Plan:

Mr. McErlane said that no further input is needed from the Board at this time since the parties are approaching a settlement and only minor language needs to be amended and agreed upon to conclude the process.

Status of Ozorowski vs. Valley Forge Sewer Authority:

Mrs. Ewald stated that the plaintiff seeks to exclude Charlestown and other townships and municipal authorities named in the suit if they agree not to direct or license sewage haulers or specify where sewage is to be hauled. Since approximately 80% of Charlestown’s residences have septic systems, this matter needs serious consideration from the Board.

Green Valleys Association:

Mark Connolly stated that the Green Valleys Association in conjunction with its consultant, Cahill Associates has completed a compilation of land resource information in the Geographic Information System (GIS) and applied the Water Balance Model to the individual sub-basins within the two watersheds of French and Pickering Creeks and wishes to make a joint presentation of their findings of Charlestown’s water quality and quantity to the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission. November 18, 1996 was tentatively selected and will be confirmed with the Planning Commission.

Kronenberg Preliminary/Final Plan:

Mr. Sauser referred to the Preliminary/Final Plan for William Kronenberg, dated September 20, 1996, which is a two lot subdivision that would combine a 10.437 acre portion of Merriwether Lot 11 with Kronenberg’s 2.832 acre Lot 10. Mrs. Ewald moved to approve the lot line change set forth on the Kronenberg Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan dated 9/20/96 for Lot 10 and 10-A subject to the review and subsequent approval by the Board of Supervisors of a restrictive covenant which would limit development of Lots 10 and 10-A to a maximum of one dwelling house but which would not restrict further subdivision as may be approved by by the Board of Supervisors with the understanding that no additional structures will be permitted. Mr. Sauser seconded and all were in favor.

Whiteland Ridge Final Plan:

Mr. Sauser referred to the Final Subdivision Plan for Whiteland Ridge, which has only one lot in Charlestown with the remainder in West Whiteland and Uwchlan Townships. Grand View Drive, a 233 foot access road, is located partially in Charlestown and is shown intersecting Valley Hill Road in Charlestown Township. West Whiteland Township has passed an ordinance specifying that they will accept responsibility for the maintenance of this road. Mr. McErlane advised that Charlestown develop a counterpart ordinance specifying an intergovernmental cooperative agreement transferring certain responsibilities to West Whiteland Township.

Mr. Kohli requested that a note be added to the plan indicating that the one lot located in Charlestown be restricted from a Valley Hill Road access to ensure that the driveway remains on the interior road, Grand View Drive. Mr. Panizza agreed to comply.

Zoning Ordinance Amendment Hearing: Day Care Centers as a Conditional Use in the LI District:

The proceedings were recorded by a court reporter. Refer to Findings of Fact.

Conditional Use Hearing: Little People Day Care:

The proceedings were recorded by a court reporter. Refer to Findings of Fact.

Charlestown Brae Issues:

Mrs. Ewald had several items of inquiry from residents with regard to the Charlestown Brae subdivision. She stated there have been concerns of excessive tree removal. Mr. Kohli responded that the tree removal done thus far has been in compliance with the plan. She asked about the planting size, which appears of small caliper, and again Mr. Kohli said they were in compliance. Mrs. Ewald asked if Mr. Comitta could review the plantings in the buffer areas, and Mr. Kohli said he would discuss it with him and ask him to report back.

Mrs. Ewald asked if the detention basins were functioning properly, and Mr. Kohli responded that they were in good working order, explaining that they’re designed to hold water during the construction phase.

Mrs. Ewald asked if the relocated Horseshoe Trail could be marked for equestrians, and Rouse Chamberlin project manager Mike Honan agreed to work with the township on this issue. He said he’s been in contact with several trail users and gave them permission to blaze the trail themselves.

Mrs. Ewald asked if there are any sand mounds in the Charlestown Brae development plans, and Mr. Kohli responded that there are none.

Charlestown Brae Escrow Releases:

Mrs. Ewald moved to approve Escrow Release #10 for Phase I, #7 for Phase II, #6, for Phase II Rees Road, and #2 for Phase III. Mr. Sauser seconded and all were in favor.

Status: Conditional Use Applications:

Some discussion took place on recent correspondence between the Township and John Panizza of General Real Estate Management Corp. on the status of the Somerset subdivision application and conditional use application. The Secretary was directed to copy the solicitor on these letters for his review.

The conditional use application for Robert Berry will be reviewed by the Planning Commission on October 23, 1996.

Charlestown Hunt - Termination Agreement:

Mr. McErlane submitted copies of a Termination Agreement fir Charlestown Hunt, Phase 2 and 5 terminating the Agreement Prohibiting Conveyancing since the financial security requirements have now been provided by the developer. Mrs. Ewald suggested that the Broadwater Lane issue be resolved before signing the agreement. Mr. Sauser stated he needed time to review the document and placed the matter on the November 4th agenda.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:36 P.M.

The meeting was reconvened at 10:40 P.M. for an additional matter.

Other Business:

Mr. Kohn praised the Secretary for her extra efforts and considerable time that went into the year long re-addressing project and proposed that she receive a bonus. Mrs. Ewald expressed her appreciation as well and agreed. Mr. Sauser felt that the matter deserved some discussion and that it shouldn’t take place at the end of the meeting. Mr. Kohn moved to approve a bonus for the Secretary in the amount of $1,500.00 and Mrs. Ewald seconded. Two were in favor. Mr. Sauser was opposed and stated that he felt the re-addressing work fell in line with the secretary’s general job description and was not deserving of extra consideration, especially in light of the fact that he disagreed with the salary set for the secretary at the beginning of 1996, believing it to be too high.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:47 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda M. Csete, Secretary