APRIL 1, 1996

The Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, April 1, 1996 at the Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown Road, Devault, Pa.


John B. Sauser, Chairman, Robin J. Kohn, Vice Chairman, Irene W. Ewald, Member, Thomas F. Oeste, Esq., Linda M. Csete, Secretary, and those on the attached attendee list.

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 8:00 P.M.


There were no announcements.

Approval of Minutes:

Mr. Sauser moved to approve the minutes of the meeting of March 4, 1996. Mrs. Ewald seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Mrs. Ewald moved to table action on the minutes of March 18, 1996 until the April 15, 1996 meeting.

Treasurerís Report:

Mrs. Ewald moved to table action on the Treasurerís Report for March 1 - 31, 1996 until later in the meeting.

Accounts Payable Report:

Mrs. Ewald moved to table action on the Accounts Payable Report for April 1, 1996 until later in the meeting. Mr. Sauser asked for clarification on check #8407 to Jane Dorchester, and Mrs. Baldwin explained that Mrs. Dorchester has been doing research of historic properties in Township to be of use in drafting the planned historic ordinance.

Zoning Officerís Report:

The Zoning Officer was not in attendance.

Planning Commission Report:

Mr. Kling reported that the Planning Commission held a work session on March 28, 1996 during which suggestions for ordinance amendments were brought forward. The Planning Commission expects to submit them to the Board within 30 to 60 days. Also, the Planning Commission reviewed and recommended approval of the intermediate soccer field plan while noting that additional information should be provided in the bid package.


Mr. Rittenbaugh reported that roads were temporarily patched and storm drains throughout the township were cleared. Road sweeping and permanent patching will take place during the next few weeks. He received a bid to repair two storm drains for $700.00. Mr. Sauser asked him to obtain a second estimate. Mr. Sauser stated that the storm drain on Glenview Road was damaged by contractors for the Charlestown Meade subdivision and the cost of repairs should be charged to the developerís escrow account.

Mrs. Ewald asked Mr. Rittenbaugh to check the contract with Delaware Valley Paving, as she believes that making these repairs is part of their awarded contract.

Mrs. Ewald asked Mr. Rittenbaugh for the status of maintenance of a small portion of Yellow Springs Road located between Phoenixville Pike and Sidley Hill Road, which contains the boundary line between East Whiteland and Charlestown Townships. Mr. Rittenbaugh stated that there is no written agreement with East Whiteland Township, and their road foreman acknowledged that this section of road belongs to East Whiteland. Mr. Oeste commented that the boundary lines between the townships were established years ago and are not exact. Mr. Rittenbaugh stated that according to his maps, Charlestown is not responsible for this portion of Yellow Springs Road and will not undertake repairs of it. However, Charlestown will continue to provide snow and ice removal as it is practical to do so.

Fire Marshalís Report:

Mr. Alston reported one field fire, one vehicle accident, one wires fire, two automatic alarms and one call for traffic control during the month of March. Mr. Alston investigated one incident of open burning on Yellow Springs Road.

Parks and Recreation Board:

Mr. Connolly was not present.

Valley Forge Sewer Authority:

Mr. Sauser stated that the joint board of the VFSA has yet to meet this year.

Auditorís Report:

Mr. Martin presented the annual auditorís report and stated that Richard Stevens was voted in as Chairman for 1996. The summary report was published in the Daily Local News and the full report has been submitted to the DCA and PennDOT with a copy on file at the Township office. The report indicates an increase in surplus of $111,000 over 1994.

The Auditors had two recommendations for the Board, the first of which is to create a proprietary fund by Resolution for the Open Space Fund, which is presently included in the General Fund and gives a false impression of the General Fund surplus balance.

The second recommendation was to shown a breakdown on the tax bills of millages used for different purposes, for example, fire protection and road maintenance, as many other townships do. This would give the taxpayers a clearer understanding of what their tax dollars are used for.

Mrs. Baldwin asked about the possibility of creating a proprietary fund for Bridge #178. Mr. Sauser directed the Secretary to send to Surender Kohli a copy of the County engineering consultants letter to the Township of February 29, 1996 requesting acknowledged receipt of the notification that the repairs to the Bridge will be taking place. He also requested that Mr. Oeste review it before the Township signs it.

Citizensí Forum:

Lesia Hrysio reported that there is a great deal of water pooling on both sides of the railroad tracks behind Buckwalter Road where runoff has been caused by the large mound of dirt on the Charlestown Hunt site. The Board directed the secretary to contact Mr. Kohli, who will look into the matter.

Ms. Hrysio then requested advice on how to proceed with Realen Homesí contractor for damage done to her house following blasting at the Charlestown Hunt site. She stated that the contractor took before and after pictures of her house, which shows that cracks appeared in the stone after blasting. She has spoken to their insurance company, which claims it is not responsible. Mrs. Ewald suggested that Ms. Hrysio speak directly with the principals of Realen Homes and provided their names.

John Martin asked about the plans to restore the monument at the Revolutionary War Cemetery. One bid for $700.00 had been solicited from a firm specializing in this type of restoration that had been recommended to the Township. The monument would be coated with polyurethane, which Mr. Kohn agrees is the treatment of choice to preserve the bronze monument. The Board anticipates taking action on this matter over the summer. Mrs. Ewald also noted that poison ivy control should begin shortly, and Mr. Sauser will look into making arrangements.

Intermediate Soccer Field Bid

Mr. Sauser stated that a mandatory bid meeting was held at the proposed site for the intermediate soccer field on March 28, 1996. The Soccer Club has agreed to pay for surveying the four corners and calculating the grade differentials for the field prior to its stake out. April 10, 1996 was selected for the bid opening, which will be held at 2:30 P.M. with a submission deadline of 2:00 P.M. that day. The bid opening must be attended by two township officials and be open to the public, after which the bids will be logged in and forwarded to Mr. Kohli for review. The bid will be awarded at the April 15, 1996 Board of Supervisorsí meeting.

Merriwether Restrictions and Covenants

Mr. Sauser referred to a March 27, 1996 letter from D.C. Merriwether sent to the property owners of lots in the Merriwether subdivision, who had been concerned about a change in the Covenants & Restrictions document dealing with the footprint size. Merriwether states in the letter that this change in the document has been removed. Mrs. Ewald directed the Secretary to contact the propoerty owners to ensure that they are satisified with this response or if they request anything further of the Board.

HARB Application for former General Store Propoerty

Michael Kachmar and Cynthia Harrington were unabke to attend the meeting, and Mr. Sauser suggested that the Board plan to take action on their Certificate of Appropriateness within the next few weeks.

HARB Appointment

Mr. Sauser stated that the Planning Commission receommended Charlie Philips as their representative on the HARB. Mr. Sauser moved to nominate Mr. Philips to the Historical & Architecctural Review Board, and Mrs. Ewald seconded. All were in favor.

Charlestown Hunt - Request for Additional U & Oís

Mr. Sauser referred to a March 25, 1996 letter from Realen Homesí attorney requesting additional use and occupancy permits for homes under construction in Phase I of Charlestown Hunt pending the resolution of the Broadwater Lane emergency access issue. They request an additional 40 permits so that construction may proceed. Mr. Oeste stated that there are approximately 64 units in Phase I under the original plan so that the maximum to be permitted would be an estimated 39 permits. Mr. Sauser moved to approve the issuance of additional temporary use & occupancy permits at a number not to exceed the orginal number of units in Phase I, under the same conditions as outlined in the Townshipís letter of October 18, 1995 to Realen Homes. Mr. Kohn seconded and the motion carried. Mrs. Ewald did not vote. Mr. Oeste will contact Realenís attorney to convey the Boardís action.

Insurance Coverage

Mr. Sauser referred to the March 21, 1996 letter to the Township from BABB Inc. enclosing a schedule of current coverages in effect until June 11, 1996. He had a number of questions on the coverage, and the Secretary was directed to make the insurance files available to him for review after which time he wishes to speak with the townshipís agent.

Local Piggyback Purchasing Program

Mrs. Ewald moved to ratify Resolution #96-511 wherein the Township requests authorization to participate in purchase contracts of the Department of General Services. Mr. Sauser seconded and all were in favor.

Frens and Frens Proposal

Mr. Sauser referred to Frens & Frensí revised proposal for the Feasibility Study bringing the total proposal sum to $10,000.00. Mr. Sauser moved to approve and sign the revised proposal. Mrs. Ewald seconded and all were in favor.

Treasurerís Report

Mrs. Ewald moved to approve the Treasurerís Report for March 1-31, 1996. Mr. Sauser seconded and all were in favor.

Accounts Payable Report

Mr. Sauser moved to approve the April 1, 1996 Accounts Payable Report. Mrs. Ewald called for a roll call vote. Mr. Sauser voted aye. Mr. Kohn voted aye. Mrs. Ewald moved to approve the report with the exception of check numbers 8385, 8386 and 8398 representing salary and expenses for the Roadmaster, and then requested a personnel meeting. Mr. Sauser moved to approve the report but to hold these three checks until a personnel meeting is held. Mr. Kohn seconded and all were in favor.

Route 29 Intersection Improvement

Mr. Sauser reported that he had an opportunity to speak with the Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation following the C.C.A.T.O. convention last month and was disappointed with his response on the status of the improvement for the Route 29, Phoenixville Pike and Charlestown Road intersection. The Secretary of Transportation cited budget problems that continue to delay this improvement. Mr. Sauser communicated his concern that the Township has already achieved its required 25% match for the project, but that it will not keep up with inflation at the restrictive investment rates available to municipalities.

Proposed Subdivision - Tredyffrin Township

Bob Lessek was present to request guidance from the Board on proceeding with a subdivision plan located entirely in Tredyffrin Township, with the exception of the proposed access road, which would come out onto Howell Road in Charlestown Township. He stated that he has gained preliminary plan approval from Tredyffrin. Mrs. Ewald stated that the Board needs to hear from Tredyffrin Township with regard to this plan. She suggested that Mr. Lessek familiarize himself with the previous plan that had been submitted to Charlestown for this site, which has a lengthy history. She also suggested he review a solution to the access problem brought forward by Vincent Kling during the previous planís review process, which shows an access in Tredyffrin Township.

Mr. Sauser moved to adjourn, Mrs. Ewald seconded and all were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda M. Csete, Secretary