The Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors held a second meeting of the month on Monday, March 20, 1995 at the Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown Road, Devault.


John C. Martin, Jr., Chairman; John B. Sauser, Vice Chairman; Irene W. Ewald, Member; John D. Snyder, Esq.; Surender S. Kohli, P.E.; Ruth W. Buckwalter, Secretary and approximately 36 attendees.

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 8:00pm.

Mr. Martin announced that this would be a brief business meeting to address several items left over from the March 6th Board meeting.

Item #1: Phoenixville Pike Intersection Improvement. Mr. Kohli reported that he received a review of the project and there were 2 items PENNDOT talked to him about. 1) utility clearance: Mr. Kohli stated that this was submitted to them back in September so that was no longer a problem. 2) right of way: the two easements have been obtained on either side of the property on Charlestown Road and are recorded. With these two items cleared, Mr. Kohli estimated construction would begin in September.

Item #2: Moore Zoning Hearing Board Appeal. Mr. Sauser attended the first hearing (see March 3 minutes). The next hearing is scheduled for March 28th. Mr. Kohli reported that he has been to the site with the Fire Marshal and the Fire Chief. The Marshal and the Chief agreed that the planting area in the center of the cul-de-sac should be removed and paved and the lane should be widened between Valley Hill Road and the proposed Moore driveway to eighteen feet in order to handle the fire equipment should their service ever be needed. Mr. Sauser questioned if Mr. Moore could be made to do away with the cul-de-sac planting. After further discussion, Mr. Snyder stated that Mr. Moore is before the Zoning Hearing Board for a variance from the maximum number of houses served by a private driveway and in the context of that proceeding, the Zoning Hearing Board can impose conditions. Mrs. Ewald said that the question is - what does the Board recommend to the Zoning Hearing Board? Mr. Snyder replied that if the Board recommended there be added widening to make it accessible to emergency equipment this would be a valid condition for the Zoning Hearing Board to impose. Mr. Martin asked Mr. Kohli to prepare something that capsulates the Fire Marshal’s regulations to present to the Zoning Hearing Board. Mrs. Ewald noted she would like to look at what is required in other cul-de-sacs of similar nature. Mr. Kohli will have the Fire Marshal prepare his recommendations to be given to Mr. Oeste to be put in the form of a proposed order.

At this time, Mrs. Ewald updated Mr. Martin on the necessary repairs needed at the play ground as discussed during the March 6th meeting. She feels that there is a liability and a negligence issue here. Mr. Martin tabled this to the next meeting.

The Roggio lot line change:

Mr. Roggio presented his revised plan dated 3-17-95 showing the greywater easement. Mr. Kohli noted that this disposal system had been illegally installed by a former owner. Mr. Snyder stated that according to the note, the easement expires on April 1,1996. The second issue regarding the plan is that the Township has no record of the lot ever being subdivided, the Tax Duplicate has the two lots recorded as one lot. Mr. Martin and Mrs. Ewald stated that they would not sign the plan until these two issues are settled.

The Chairman recessed the business meeting and turned the meeting over to Mr. Snyder to commence with the continued Altemose Curative Amendment Hearing. A court stenographer recorded the minutes of the Hearing.

At 9:40pm, the Hearing was recessed.

During this time the Supervisors completed their final items of business. Mr. Martin moved for approval of the Charlestown Park fencing and chain for the sum of $400. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Ewald and carried unanimously.

Following this the Supervisors signed the Devault Foods, Inc. Land Development Plan. The plans will be held until the receipt of $10,000 as agreed by prior agreement.

At 9:45pm, the Chairman adjourned the business meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,