The Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, March 6, 1995 at the Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown Road, Devault.


John B. Sauser, Vice Chairman; Irene W. Ewald,Member; James E. McErlane, Esq.; Surender S. Kohli, P.E.; Ruth W. Buckwalter, Secretary; those on the attached list of attendees and others.

Vice Chairman Sauser called the meeting to order at 8:00pm.

Mr. Sauser moved for approval of the minutes of the January 3, 1995 reorganization meeting. Mrs. Ewald moved to table these minutes. The minutes were tabled.

Mrs. Ewald and Mr. Sauser jointly recollect that there was no decision made during the December 19,1994 Board meeting for the installation of speed bumps/humps on Maryhill Road (see page 3,II2 of the Feb. 6 minutes). With this amendment, the minutes of February 6, 1995 were approved on a motion by Mrs. Ewald. The motion was seconded by Mr. Sauser and so carried.

Mr. Sauser entertained a motion to approve the February 1995 Treasurerís Report. Mrs. Ewald so moved. Mr. Sauser seconded the motion and it so carried.

Mr. Sauser questioned check #7962 of the March 6, 1995 Accounts Payable (Title Search - Moore Zoning Hearing Application). Mrs. Ewald questioned check #7985 (Unemployment Tax). The Township Treasurer explained both questions. Mrs. Ewald moved to approve the March 6,1995 Accounts Payable. The motion was seconded by Mr. Sauser and so carried.

Zoning Officerís Report: Mr. Kohli distributed his written report on permits issued during the month of February. He reported a meeting at McDevittís property on Route #401 regarding tree clearing. Mrs. Ewald inquired about the building on Phoenixville Pike that was constructed, the issue being whether or not they had a permit. Mr. Kohli responded that there was no permit issued and that Drew Alleva, the builder, was advised to get back to the Township with an application and plans.

Roadmasterís Report:

Mr. Hiller reported cleaning drains in the Township in anticipation of heavy rains and he called out the crew for salting and cindering the roads as required. A written report was submitted for the files.

Fire Marshalís Report:

There was no report, Mr. Alston was ill.

Parks and Recreation Board Report: Paul Hogan referred to a letter he had written to the Supervisors regarding the terrible conditions of the playground at the park. He believes a letter should be sent to the V.F.C.C. because a lot of those students are responsible for the vandalism and the littering. If the Township cannot maintain the playground, it should be torn down, he noted. The estimated cost of repair would be $1,000. Mrs. Ewald recommended this be deferred until the March 20 meeting of the Board.


Mr. Sauser reported that the Zoning Hearing Board met on February 27th regarding an old issue (dating back to 1988) of a shared driveway off Valley Hill Road. Neither the Township nor Mr. Kohli had all the details regarding the application, so Mr. Sauser requested the Zoning Board give a continuance so the Zoning Officer and the Fire Marshal could review the situation. The Zoning Board will take up this issue again at a meeting on March 28th at the Nature Center barn. Mr. Sauser noted that he attended the County Spring Convention at which time it was announced that the Governorís offices and the new administration decided to dismantle the Department of Community Affairs and reallocate some of those resources into other agencies. Also, the deer management issue was discussed at the convention.

Shooting Incident on Pickering Road was the next item on the agenda. Mr. Sauser gave a brief summary of this case in which a resident, asleep in her home, was struck by a bullet during the night. He introduced Officer Michael Doherty, Wildlife Conservation Officer, PA Game Commission, who had investigated the case. Officer Doherty explained how he traced the trajectory of the bullet, noticed a warning sign on Charlestown Road which had a small nick in it and found two spent 45 caliber casings in the vicinity. The evidence shows that this was an act of vandalism and was turned over to the State Police. For the next hour, Officer Dohery answered questions from residents regarding hunters, poachers, spotlighting and he enumerated what was legal and what was not legal. At the conclusion, the Supervisors considered having the State Police come to the April Board meeting to address several issues.

Citizens Forum

Josh Lord introduced himself and reported that he is in the process of applying for a state grant. He stated that this area and surrounding areas are in dire need of a facility for recycling organic material - yard waste, brush and debris. He would like to organize a co-op between the municipalities and asked if Charlestown would be interested. Mr. Sauser asked Mr. Lord for more information on his proposal.

At this time Marc Kaplin interrupted the meeting to say that he had a construction closing on Wednesday and that the Charlestown Hunt plans and documents were reviewed and ready to go. Since Mr. Martin could not attend this nightís meeting due to illness, Mr. Kaplin felt the easiest way to handle this would be to have Mr. Martin sign the documents after tonight. Mr. McErlane stated the covenants were reviewed by John Snyder and cross checked against the plan and he has given the okay on it.

Mr. Kohli said that he understood Mr. Snyder is still working on some covenant documents and that as far as he knows the numbers are right, the escrow agreements are set, the plans are alright, the only item left is the item of on site sewer escrow with the VFSA. Mr. Sauser stated he has not had a chance to talk to Tom Oeste or John Snyder and that in a day or two the plans would be signed.

Planning Commission Report:

Mr. Churchill reported that the Commission heard a presentation of the current sketch plan for the Simpson House; the Roggio Preliminary/Final lot combination plan was reviewed and recommended for approval subject to satisfying all items listed on Mr. Kohliís review letter of February 9, 1995; the Glen Brae Preliminary/Final Plan was approved subject to the review letters of Mr. Kohli dated February 6, 1995 and Mr. Comitta dated February 9, 1995; the Souder Preliminary Plan was reviewed and approved subject to the satisfaction of all items in the review letters of Mr. Kohli dated February 9, 1995 and Mr. Comitta dated January 27, 1995; the Whitehorse Meadows Preliminary Plan was reviewed; also reviewed was Gary Sprouleís Sketch Plan for his 4.9 acre property located on Phoenixville Pike on which he wishes to build a third building. Mr. Kohli noted that the setbacks for the building are not in compliance with the LI District Zoning.

Mrs. Ewald called attention to the Souder Conditional Use application and the need for a time extension. Mrs. Ewald made the motion that Mr. Souder be requested to extend the time on his conditional use application with respect to his Preliminary Plan and if the extension of time is not granted, the Board deny that application for failure to present it to the Board. Mr. Sauser stated that the conditional use would be denied pending the extension and seconded the motion. The motion so carried.

Mr. Sauser referred to the Roggio lot line change and asked Mr. Churchill if the septic system of the Franklinís home is located on the piece of ground Mr. Roggio wishes to purchase from Lynda Franklin. Mr. Churchill replied this was investigated by their Engineer but he has not heard the results as yet. Mr. Kohli reported that the note on the plan says that there are no existing on site sewage facilities on this lot.

Mr. Sauser reported that the PA Historical Commission Grant is just about completed and ready to be submitted. He will circulate it to the Board members.

The status of the flashing signal at Rt. #401 and Newcomen Road: Mr. Sauser explained the light needs to be placed in West Pikeland Township and West Pikeland will have to make the application to PENNDOT but they are not cooperating in this. He suggested the Board directly communicate with the West Pikeland Board of Supervisors. Mr. Kohli reported that he had sent a letter and the plan to the West Pikeland Supervisors for their review and John Martin will contact them shortly.

Mrs. Ewald requested the Burning Ordinance be tabled because the Fire Marshal was unable to attend this meeting due to illness. Mr. Sauser reported that we are in the process of looking at surrounding municipalities and what they have in the way of an Ordinance to compare to our existing Ordinance and bring it up to a more meaningful and helpful standard for our citizens.

Charlestown Brae: Mr. Featherman stated that he was here this evening to request signatures of the Supervisors on the Escrow Agreements. Mr. Sauser felt the Board was ready to sign these agreements and plans and would do so at the close of the meeting.

The C/D held by the Township for the Rt. #29 intersection improvement was discussed with Mr. Kohli and Mr. McErlane. Mrs. Ewald then recommended the money be put in PLGIT. Mr. Sauser agreed with this on the basis that it be reviewed in April and make a long term agreement at that time. All were in favor.

The Township Water Conservation Ordinance sent to the Delaware River Basin Commission at their request has been reviewed by their staff and found to be consistent with their regulations.

A letter was received from Thomas McQuilkin regarding the renaming of a private lane to Windfall Lane in the Charlestown Meade Subdivision. Mr. Sauser moved to approve the change as requested. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion and it so carried.

Mr. John Cellucci had written the Supervisors a letter requesting an extension on his permit for Land Development. Mrs. Ewald moved to extend for another year. The motion was seconded by Mr. Sauser and so carried.

The relationship of Supervisors to Staff was tabled to the next meeting.

Mr. Sauser announced the future meetings in March as follows: Supervisors meeting and Altemose Hearing - March 20, Moore Zoning Hearing Board - March 28, Executive session on the Altemose Hearing - March 7, VFSA meeting - March 29.

Mrs. Ewald reported that the Green Valleys Association made a request that the Board review and support by letter their application to DER for matching funds to do a ground water study of the watershed for the French and Pickering Creeks. Mrs. Ewald stressed that the Association is not asking for financial support. Mr. Sauser said he would like time to review the letter.

At 10:13pm, all business completed, Mr. Sauser moved to adjourn. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion and it so carried.

Respectfully Submitted,