OCTOBER 3, 1994

The Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors held their first meeting of the month on Monday, October 3, 1994, at the Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown Road, Devault.

Present: John C. Martin, Jr., Chairman; John B. Sauser, Vice Chairman; Irene W. Ewald, Member; Surender S. Kohli, P.E.; Thomas F. Oeste, Esq.; Ruth W. Buckwalter, Secretary; those on the attached list of attendees and others.

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 8:00pm.

Announcements: Mrs. Ewald reported that over the weekend the Mobil Transcontinental Pipeline that runs through the Township developed a leak. The section of the pipeline between Charlestown Road and Aldham Hills Road is the section in which the leak developed. The leak was detected due to the odor of gasoline fumes. PA DER, Hazmat Action Team and the Fire Companies responded to the emergency situation. Mobil located the leak and the line was shut down until repairs and clean-up are completed.

The Chairman entertained a motion to approve the minutes of September 12, 1994. Mrs. Ewald amended the minutes to read “pave the road with millings” in place of “mill the road” (line 3 from bottom of page 1). Mr. Martin moved to approve the September 12 minutes as amended. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Ewald and carried unanimously.

The Chairman entertained a motion to approve the minutes of September 19,1994. Mr. Sauser moved for approval, Mr. Martin seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Martin moved to approve the September 1994 Treasurer’s Report. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Ewald and unanimously carried.

The October 3, 1994 Accounts Payable: Mrs. Ewald questioned check #7787, payment to the school district for the Tax Collector’s bond. Mrs. Csete, Treasurer, said that we pay our share of his bond, we do not carry his bond separately. Mrs. Ewald also noted that the payment to Townwatch Halloween Patrol (check #7800) is paid after their service rather than before. Mr. Martin moved to approve the October 3, 1994 Accounts Payable as presented. Mr. Sauser questioned the purpose of contributing to Townwatch and stated he did not feel they were as active and thorough as they once were. After a discussion, Mr. Martin proposed to continue the contribution this year. Mrs. Ewald moved to approve Mr. Martin’s proposal and seconded the motion to approve the October 3, 1994 Accounts Payable. Mr. Sauser voted against the item of Townwatch. The motion carried 2 to 1

Zoning Officer’s Report: Mr. Kohli submitted his written report of permits issued during the month of September. Mrs. Ewald asked Mr. Kohli if Wyndham Lane has been paved. Mr. Kohli reported he met with the developer, the paving has not taken place yet, it will be done as soon as possible. Mr. Martin asked Mr. Kohli about Rosewood Farm noting the letter received from Thomas Comitta about landscaping problems. Mr. Kohli will make sure the landscaping will be completed and reported that the road work has been done.

Planning Commission Report: Mr. Churchill reported that the principal items of the September 13 Commission meeting were 1) Hrinkevich conditional use, 2) Devault Foods land development, 3) Charlestown Brae, 4) Envirotest Partners. Mr. Oeste reported that Envirotest withdrew their intervention in the Court of Common Pleas and withdrew their petition for an expedited hearing. The case is still pending. Mr. Churchill, referring to the resignations of two members, said the Commission will take up the issue as to whether to use this as an opportunity to reduce the size of the Commission or have additional appointments. At this time, Mr. Martin reported he received Vincent Kling’ letter of resignation from the Valley Forge Sewer Authority. Thomas Yeakle sent a letter stating he does not wish to be reappointed to the VFSA when his term expires in December, 1994.

Roadmaster’s Report: Mr. Hiller reported trash and debris cleaned up on Lincoln and Pickering Dam Roads, completed clean-up from tornado damage on state roads, installed reflectors on Buckwalter Road, fixed signs at Peakes Pike, Bodine and Valley Hill Roads and re-installed the sign at White Horse Road and Rt. 29. He submitted his written report for the files. Mr. Martin authorized Mr. Hiller to pave Tinkerhill Road and also to skin patch roads noted in the spring road tour. Mr. Hiller has reviewed the Snow and Ice Control Agreement from PENNDOT and noted that Foster Road was not included. Mrs. Ewald asked Mr. Hiller to contact PENNDOT and ask them to amend the Agreement to include Foster Road.

Fire Marshal’s Report: Mr. Alston reported that during September 3 vehicle accidents, 2 automatic alarms, 2 trash fires and 1 tree and wire call were responded to by the fire companies. He investigated several incidents of open burning. A written report on these activities was submitted to the Secretary for the files.

Parks & Rec. Board Report: Messrs. Martin and Sauser attended a meeting held by the Valley Forge Christian College regarding their proposal for the next 10 years. Mr. Martin reported the proposal contained selling off 36 acres in Charlestown Township for senior housing, the money from the sale would be used to refurbish and expand the college facilities. The soccer club uses part of this land for parking. Mr. Martin sent copies of the plan to the Park Board members. The purchaser of the 36 acres would also want to procure the soccer club headquarters. The Liberty House people are negotiating with the college and Schuylkill Township. Mr. Martin noted that they seem to be more reasonable on the type of people occupying that facility which will be re-located a little bit north giving them less frontage on Charlestown Road.

The Chairman asked Mr. Oeste to update the status of LauraBrooke. Mr. Oeste said that the oral argument has been scheduled for October 18 before Judge MacElree. At that time, the Township Solicitor will be arguing our motion to dismiss the case and perhaps arguing the merits of the case. In the case of Mr. Paul Moore, Mr. Oeste stated that it appears that it was intended the matter be remanded to the Zoning Hearing Board.

Citizens Forum: Kelly Kelly, Maryhill Road, presented the Board with a petition signed by 35 residents of Mary Hill Road, Raven Hill Road and Jamie Lane. The petition requested the Board take action on the speeding traffic on Mary Hill Road by installing a 25mph speed limit, enlisting the St. Police to monitor the speed limit and issue citations to violators. A lengthy discussion was followed by Mr. Sauser proposing a motion to initiate a traffic study to investigate reducing speed on Mary Hill Road. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Ewald and carried unanimously. Mrs. Ewald reminded residents that there is no parking on Township Roads and asked residents to cooperate in this matter. Mr. Kohli reported that the traffic study for Rees Road has been completed.

On the subject of the Valley Forge Sewer Authority Ordinance, Mr. Oeste reported that Mr. Pompo is reviewing the Ordinance.

Charlestown Brae was scheduled for the Wednesday, October 19th Board meeting.

The Fall Road Tour was scheduled for Saturday, October 22, meeting at the school at 8:00am. Mr. Sauser so moved, Mr. Martin seconded. The motion carried 2 to 1.

The Budget meeting was scheduled for October 26th at the Township office at 7:30pm.

The Chairman called upon Leon Altemose to present his plan for a “Bed and Breakfast” located on his property at White Horse and Ashenfelter Roads. Mr. Altemose proposes to alter his stone barn, c.1833, to contain 10 units for guests with 2 units as innkeeper units for his son and daughter. Each unit would contain a kitchenette. He stated that the barn is deteriorating and the B & B would be a way to finance the restoration. Because this is not a permitted use in the FR district, Mr. Altemose has applied to the Zoning Hearing Board for a variance. The hearing is scheduled for October 17th. Mr. Martin noted that the Supervisors looked at this proposal in September and oppose it on the grounds that a B & B is only allowed in the Township’s Historic district.

Devault Food’s Conditional Use Hearing was scheduled for the Supervisors meeting of Wednesday, October 19. Mr. Oeste will advertise.

The Chairman read aloud the Emergency Vehicle Highway and Bridge Restriction Exemption Resolution. Mr. Martin noted that the real purpose of this Resolution is for training purposes. Mr. Oeste stated that most of the bridges in the Township are owed by the County or State and questioned the effect of our liability if we authorized vehicles to cross bridges we do not own. The subject was discussed at length. Mr. Oeste suggested he look into section 4902 of the PA Vehicle Code and report his findings to the Supervisors. Mrs. Ewald moved that in the interim, fire company and other emergency vehicles are welcome in our Township. The motion was seconded by Mr. Martin and carried unanimously.

Charlestown Oaks: Mr. Oeste reported that the issue here is that Mr. Iacobucci is requesting the deletion of the attached condition that he must get the approval of East Whiteland Township for discharge of storm water as part of Charlestown’s approval. Mrs. Ewald suggested communicating with East Whiteland Township asking them for a copy of any formal action they take before we discuss or take any action. Mr. Martin’s view is to do nothing. Members of CREW had input on the discussion of this plan.

The Hazardous Material Ordinance was reviewed and discussed. Mr. Oeste will re-work this Ordinance.

Charlestown Hunt: Mr. Oeste stated that there were four issues Mr. Kaplin wished to have addressed: 1) discharge of storm water under Rt. 29 into Pickering Creek, 2) change in the phasing, 3) architectural design, 4) electric lines underground. He also requested to have a sales trailer on the premises. Mr. Kohli has received no correspondence on this to date.

The Chairman referred to Mr. Oeste’s letter of September 22, 1994, which advises the Board that the Scottsdale Insurance Company has denied payment and reimbursement of $10,000 in the MCF Associates matter. Mr. Oeste did not recommend further pursuing of the matter. Mr. Martin stated that on the recommendation of the Township Solicitor, the Supervisors will not pursue reimbursement from the Insurance Company for the $10,000 damages resulting from MCF Associates. Mrs. Ewald added that she disagrees and suggested this Company be dropped as the Township Insurance carrier.

Correspondence from Gilbert Thompson was discussed regarding the lots deeded to his six sons. Mr. Oeste said the plan has not been recorded, Mr. Thompson does not have a subdivision plan.

The next item to be discussed was lot #10 of the Eastwick Subdivision. The owner, Robert Roggio, wants to build his house outside of the approved building envelope.

Mr. Martin moved to approve the Merriwether Escrow Release #3. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Ewald and carried unanimously.

All business completed, Mr. Martin moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Ewald and carried unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 11:55pm.

Respectfully Submitted,