MARCH 7, 1994

The Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting on Monday, March 7, 1994, at the Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown Road, Devault.

Present: John C. Martin, Jr., Chairman; John B. Sauser, Vice Chairman; Irene W. Ewald, Member; Surender S. Kohli, P.E..; James E. McErlane, Esq.; Ruth W. Buckwalter, Secretary, those on the attached attendee list and others.

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 8:10pm.

The first hour was given to a joint meeting of the Supervisors and members of the Parks and Recreation Board to discuss a small park improvement grant from the County, some housekeeping items and other matters. All five members of the Park Board attended plus Gary Mooney, President of the PASC and Harry Dawson, President of the PMYC. Mr. Connolly passed out a schedule of the project time-line showing the new regulation soccer field plan organized in three phases: phase 1. accomplished in 1992 by the Army Corps of Engineers, phase 2. final grading and seeding of the regulation fields at a cost of $25,000, phase 3. landscaping of surrounding areas, re-seeding twice, the construction of bleachers and the erection of goals. Phase 2 was the subject of the discussion tonight. Estimated costs of material and labor, the legal procedure for advertising bids, quality of top soil and means of funding were the issues. At the close of the discussion, Mr. Martin suggested turning the park over to the County because he believes the surrounding communities use it much more than Charlestown residents. Mr. Sauser agreed with Mr. Martin stating that the County does a superior job on maintaining its parks. As an alternative, he suggested a regional cooperated effort between the other municipalities. Mrs. Ewald was very strongly opposed to the suggestions of Mr. Martin and Mr. Sauser.

Announcements Mr. Martin announced that he and Mr. Sauser attended the Chester County Township Officials Spring Convention on March 3rd at which the 911 system was discussed. Mr. Martin also attended a deer population meeting on February 24th.

The Chairman entertained a motion to approve the minutes of January 10, 1994. Mrs. Ewald so moved, Mr. Martin seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The Chairman entertained a motion to approve the minutes of January 24, 1994. Mrs. Ewald so moved. The motion was seconded by Mr. Sauser and carried unanimously.

The Chairman entertained a motion to approve the minutes of February 7, 1994. Mrs. Ewald amended the minutes on page 4, line 5 to read “...that Mr. Kellett perceives an adversarial relationship but the Township does not...”. Mrs. Ewald made a motion to approve the minutes as amended, Mr. Martin seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The Chairman entertained a motion to approve the minutes of February 21, 1994. The motion for approval was made by Mr. Sauser, seconded by Mr. Martin and carried unanimously.

The Chairman entertained a motion to approve the minutes of February 28,1994. Mrs. Ewald so moved, Mr. Sauser seconded the motion, the motion so carried.

The March 7, 1994 Accounts Payable was submitted in two versions. Version A reflected an additional sum of $2,000 to the Roadmaster for the number of hours he spend on road work due to the many snow and ice storms during this winter. Version B did not contain the additional $2,000. Mr. Martin referred this to Mr. McErlane who replied that unexpected conditions that materially effect the scope of service provided would warrant this. Mrs. Ewald noted that this will not effect the budgeted amount because the Roadmaster’s compensation will be reapportioned over the remainder of the year. Mr. Martin moved to approve version A of the March 7, 1994 Accounts Payable. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Ewald and carried unanimously.

Zoning Officer’s Report: Mr. Kohli submitted his written report listing permits issued during February. He reported that Bell Atlantic had contacted him looking for input regarding a temporary helicopter service. The Chairman stated this would be discussed later in the meeting. Mrs. Ewald reported that she had received a call from Mrs. Piambino who expressed her concern about PECO cutting trees on Rt. 401 and she believes PECO is on her private property and not within their right-of-way. Mr. Kohli was asked to ascertain if there has been an intrusion on private properties along Rt. 401. Mrs. Ewald also referred to a letter from PECO addressing tree trimming on Pikeland Road. Mr. Kohli said that PECO would like to meet with the Board and he will try to set up a meeting when all parties are available.

Planning Commission Report: Michael Churchill reported that the principal business was the request of the van Vliets for revision of lot 12-A of Four Oaks Farm showing an individual driveway onto White Horse Road to replace the present shared driveway. The Planning Commission was in favor of the revision.

Roadmaster’s Report: Mr. Hiller reported that there were only six days in February that he and Delaware Valley Paving Company were not out on the roads clearing snow, ice, spreading salt and cinders, clearing drains and treating icy spots. Two items Mr. Hiller wanted to discuss were: 1) the cooperation of residents in off street parking to enable snow plowing; 2) residents having their driveways plowed and the snow pushed out on to the roads. Mrs. Ewald said she would like to see a letter drafted outlining both issues, noting that parking on the roads is prohibited in the Township. Mr. Hiller submitted his monthly report for the Township files.

Fire Marshal’s Report: Mr. Alston submitted his written report for the Township files. He noted during the month of February there were 7 vehicle accidents, 1 pedestrian struck and 1 helicopter landing which generated 13 incidents responded to by the Fire Companies that serve Charlestown Township. Mr. Alston noted that he had a question from the Fire Companies to the Board of Supervisors - “where do we stand on the Township renumbering for 911?” Mr. Martin said that he and Mr. Sauser talked to Timothy Campbell and Louise Wennberg. One of the issues is the naming of private lanes serving three or more houses. Mr. Martin said the renumbering seems to be stalled in Charlestown and that the renumbering committee of several years ago should be reactivated.

Citizens Forum; Marcia Solda asked if a Newsletter was mailed last year and will one be mailed this year: The Chairman said a Newsletter should be out around the end of April. Mrs. Ewald noted that a Newsletter went out in 1993.

The Historic Commission Agreement was reviewed by Sarah Peck, President of Rouse/Chamberlin. This Agreement has to do with the historic Rebecca Bones ruins located within the Charlestown Brae Subdivision Plan. Ms. Peck stated that the Agreement has been signed by the Charlestown Historic Commission and has the blessing of the Township’s Solicitor and Land Planner. She noted that this lot is being marketed as an entity through October 31, 1995. At the conclusion of the discussion, Mr. Martin made the motion that the Supervisors sign the Agreement between Charlestown Township Historic Commission and Rouse/Chamberlin related to the Charlestown Brae tract. The motion was seconded by Mr. Sauser and so carried. Mrs. Ewald opposed the motion. Ms. Peck restated her former request that a letter from the Township be sent to Philadelphia Suburban Water Company (PSW) to make sure their application for the extension of the franchise to service the site would be consistent with the Township’s support. Mr. Martin moved to write a letter to PSW supporting the extension of the water service for the Charlestown Brae Subdivision but not to additional properties. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Ewald and carried unanimously.

Vincent G. Kling,Jr.,submitted the Final Plan for the Eastwick Subdivision which contain the three conditions noted in Mr. Kohli’s letter of February 23, 1994. Mr. McErlane stated the final plans are complete and all conditions resolved. He said the plans would be recorded after collateral is posted and that the Declaration of Covenants shall be recorded immediately after the filing of final plans. Mr. Martin moved to approve the Final Plans subject to the Supervisors review of the Covenants and Restrictions and the satisfactory posting of Escrow. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion and it unanimously carried. The plans will be signed on Friday at a meeting to be held at Mr. Kohli’s office.

The Chairman made a motion to reappoint Darwin Ferguson to the Charlestown Zoning Hearing Board. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Ewald and unanimously carried.

The Chairman stated that Bridge 178, the Audit Report and the Stewart Subdivision Plan were scheduled for the March 21st Supervisors’ meeting.

The next item on the agenda was the proposal of Steven and Helena van Vliet to pave a direct access to lot 12A from White Horse Road as a substitute for the currently shared driveway with lot 12 as approved in the Subdivision Plan. Mr. van Vliet noted that the Planning Commission recommended approval at their February 22nd meeting. Michael Churchill substantiated the fact and noted that another driveway would not increase the number of vehicles on to White Horse Road. Mr. Sauser questioned the legal right of the lot 12 owners to close off the drive to lot 12A and stated he has a problem allowing relief for them when they had a commitment to provide access over that shared driveway. He suggested a provision be made to retain the original access, the new access as an escape, until the legal battle is resolved with the other landowner and the original drive then to take precedence. Mrs. Ewald stated that the perpetrator of the problem should be made to assume any liability for any kind of a problem that might come from this second driveway. David Force, owner of lot 12, said that the agreement of sale did not include the easement, at that time it did not exist, nor was it on the subdivision plan showed to them. A lengthy discussion was held on how this could and did happen. The matter was deferred to be discussed at the Friday meeting at Mr. Kohli’s office.

Representative of Bell Atlantic, located on Phoenixville Pike in the LI District of the Township, made their request to install a heliport for pickup of emergency computer parts. The Chairman noted that a previous request by another company for a helicopter landing in that area had been denied several year ago. Mrs. Ewald suggested using the former Keystone pad a short distance away.

The Chairman gave a brief report on the deer count meeting he attended on February 24th. Mr. Sauser asked what the benefit of this would be since we already know we have too many deer. Mr. Sauser and Mrs. Ewald agreed they did not want to take part in this survey.

The Chairman brought up the 911 system stating that we need to get rolling on this project. Mrs. Ewald said there were over 180 shared driveways that will need a name. After a brief discussion, Mr. Sauser suggested the Board reconvene the former readdressing committee to review the renaming they had done. Mrs. Ewald said we are automatically on the screen by telephone numbers. No further action was taken at this time.

All business completed, Mrs. Ewald moved to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Martin seconded the motion and all were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 11:40pm.

Respectfully Submitted,