AUGUST 16, 1993

The Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors held a second monthly meeting on Monday, August 16, 1993, at the Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown Road, Devault. The meeting, scheduled to begin at 8:00 pm, was delayed until the school was opened one-half hour later.

Present: Irene W. Ewald, Chairman; John C. Martin, Jr., Vice Chairman; Vincent G. Kling, Sr., Member; James E. McErlane, Esq.; John D. Snyder, Esq.; Ruth W. Buckwalter, Secretary, and those on the attached list of attendees.

At 8:30 pm, the Chairman called the meeting to order.

The first item on the agenda was the Charlestown Park Playground. Mrs. Ewald reported that a number of citizens called in with respect to the removal of the playground equipment. Gayla Harvey and Dorothy Wilkinson expressed concern over the length of time until new equipment would be installed. The original equipment, installed in 1947, was worn to the point that it was no longer safe. Mrs. Ewald stated that she had spoken to Commissioner Dinniman who recommended that the Commissioners had the funds and may favorably consider this an emergency appropriation since the safety issue was the reason the equipment was removed. Mrs. Ewald suggested the Board request such an appropriation and submitted a prepared request for the amount of $9,300 to Mr. Martin and Mr. Kling for approval. Neither Mr. Martin nor Mr. Kling had seen this proposal before tonight and would like time to review it before taking any action.

Preceding the continuation of the Eastwick Public Hearing, Mr. Kling made a statement of correction to the statements and press releases of John Sauser. Mr. Sauser has continually referred to the Eastwick Plan as the “Eastwick/Kling Plan” and Mr. Kling made it clear that neither he, nor anyone in his family, have any monetary nor ownership interest in this project. Mr. Sauser replied that if he used the Kling name in a slanderous manner, he apologized. At this time, Mr. McErlane took charge of the meeting for the continuation of the Hearing and called on Saul A. Behar, Esq., representing the Applicants, to present his case. Mr. Behar introduced Morris C. Kellett, Esq., who will represent the Applicants in the future. He then reviewed his draft Order dated August 16, 1993 (a copy is in the Township file under Eastwick -S/D #283-92). A Court Recorder took the minutes of the Hearing. At the conclusion of Mr. Behar’s presentation, the Chairman called for a ten minute break for consultation. The Hearing reconvened at 10:35 pm and the Chairman opened the meeting to the public. Louis Colagreco, Esq., questioned his witness, Paul Lepard, Jr., Landscape Architect, regarding net square footage. Questions and comments were made by John Garvin, John Sauser, Darwin Ferguson, Cheryl Lubinski and Robert Carey, Esq., who represented the Joos family. Mr. McErlane stated the Eastwick Hearing was concluded at approximately 11:21 pm of this date. Mr. Martin requested Mr. McErlane to draft a conditional approval. Mr. Kellett requested of the Board a list of the items on the table for consideration. The Chairman noted the record would remain open for a couple of days to confer with counsel and consultants. Two items the Chairman noted were 1) consideration of architectural control and 2) new mechanism for deed restrictions. At the conclusion of this discussion, Mr. Kling expressed praise for this plan which he felt would establish the quality of development for that area. Following this, Mr. Kling announced he would not run for re-election to the office of Supervisor in November. Tuesday, August 24th, 6:00pm at the Nature Center Barn, the Board will meet with Counsel, the Applicants and their Counsel, and other parties involved, to hold a workshop on this Plan. Mr. Kellett granted a time extension until September 8, 1993.

At this time, Mr. Martin moved to approve the Grant Application for purposes of Play equipment at Charlestown Park. Mr. Kling seconded the motion. The motion unanimously carried.

Mr. Martin moved to adjourn the meeting, Mr. Kling seconded the motion. Mrs. Ewald requested the Board members schedule a site visit to the Schulze property for the following week. Following this, the motion to adjourn was unanimously carried. The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 11:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth W. Buckwalter