August 6, 1990

The Charlestown Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, August 6, 1990, in the Charlestown Elementary School.

Present: Irene W. Ewald, Chairman; Vincent G. Kling, Sr., member; Ruth W. Buckwalter; Surender Kohli; John D. Snyder, Esq.; and those on the attached attendee list.

Mrs. Ewald called the meeting to order at 8:05 P.M.

Mr. Kling moved to approve the minutes of the July 2 meeting, Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried.

Mr. Kling moved to approve the July 1990 Treasurer’s Report, Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried.

Mr. Kling moved to approve August 6 Accounts Payable, Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried.

Zoning Officer’s Report; Mr. Kohli submitted a list of Building Permits and Use & Occupancy Permits issued during the month of July for the files. Mrs. Ewald reported:

  1. receiving a letter from Edwin V. Harrington, 9 Wyndham Road, thanking the Supervisors and Mr. Kohli for the prompt attention given to the open manhole by their property. The letter also requested the debris left by the developer to be removed and gave permission to use their driveway for access.
  2. requested Mr. Kohli to check on fencing put up next to the Dungee home.
  3. receiving a request from Julia Street to see the Riverdale Quarry regulations.

Planning Commission Report; Mr. Zeigler stated the Planning Commission denied approval for the sketch plan submitted by Emory S. Todd, Jr. for the proposed relocation of a driveway. The Commission recommended approval of the Conditional Use Application for William C. Felton, Dobs Lane.

Roadmaster’s Report: Mr. Pyle reported on the damage in the town-ship resulting from a tornado early in July. He recommended installing catch basins at West Valley Hill Road and Route 401. Mr. Kohli was instructed to inspect this site and recommend a solution. Also, Mr. Pyle listed Hilltop, Buckwalter, Union Hill and Bodine Roads as all having problems that need attention, preferably before school buses begin their runs. Mrs. Ewald instructed the Headmaster to schedule and proceed with this work. Mr. Pyle submitted his monthly Roadmaster’s Report for the Township files.

Insurance; Mrs. Ewald noted that the Errors and Omissions Policy for the Board of Supervisors had been renewed at the cost of $1,931.

Four Oaks Farm: A time extension on this subdivision has been granted in writing by Steven and Helena Van Vliet

Parks and Recreation Board; Mark Connolly submitted a written re-port of the Board meeting of July 31, 1990 for the Township files. Mr. Connolly outlined the following items included in the report:

  1. Preparation for a Ball Township Party at the former Valley Forge General Hospital grounds. Possible design and construction of a tot lot
  2. RIRA. Grant Proposal
  3. Heritage Corridor - possibility to restore old Ice Dam
  4. Regional Sports Complex involving neighboring townships and< private sports organizations Since Lord’s Tree Service has not performed mowing service on the recreational area and since the Secretary has been unable to contact the Company, Mrs. Ewald instructed the Secretary to write a letter terminating their service.

Ordinance Revision; The Supervisors met at Executive Session to review all signed letters received re. the proposed Ordinances. As a result of the meeting, some language changes will be made to clarify the intent of the Ordinances and prevent misinterpretations. A public hearing will be scheduled for September 4, 1990.

Muhly – Tinkerhill; Mrs. Ewald acknowledged a letter received from Lani Carrow of Tinkerhill Road listing four items of complaint re. erosion problems. The items were discussed and Mr. Kohli reported the stone gale has been moved and the site hydro-seeded. He will continue to monitor the site.

Gypsy Moth Program; Mr. Robert Kirby reported no calls have been received re. re-spraying in 1991. He believes the infestation has moved west of Charlestown Township. September 1, 1990 is the deadline for calls in order to be on the State Support Program for 1991. Mr. Kirby gave his home phone no., 644-5564, if anyone needs assistance in identifying egg masses. Mrs. Ewald thanked Mr. Kirby for the thoroughness in handling this job. It was noted that the Township received $4,200 reimbursement for this project.

Shindler-Greenfield – Aldham Hills; (Subdivision approved in 1998) Mr. Morris Shlndler, architect for Shindler-Greenfield, requested a two year extension of time be granted by the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Shindler said a new driveway access was planned and that after inspecting the Victorian-style House, he felt it was poorly constructed and not as significant as the other two buildings, nor did it seem to fit the composition. Therefore, it should be demolished. Mrs. Janet Baldwin, Charlestown Historic Commission, addressed the subject. She gave a brief history of the house, which at one time was the Presbyterian Manse, and the various additions added to the older original house. The Historic Commission would like to see it remain on the property. Mr. Kling said he had also inspected the house and felt it was well worth saving; the older portion was typical of field stone farmhouses built in that era. Mrs. Ewald requested Mr. Shindler take another look at the house with members of the Historic and Planning Commissions. Mr. Morris requested phase development requirement, Mr. Kohli replied that would require plans with a new Escrow Account. Mr. Shindler will be rescheduled for the October or November Board meeting for a decision on the time extension.

William Felton – Conditional Use Application; A court stenographer recorded the proceedings. At the conclusion, Mr. Kling moved for approval re. Dob and Oak Lanes. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried.

Harron Cable TV; Greg Raymond, Regional Manager, and Randy Evans, Chief Engineer, were present to represent Harron Communications Corp. A Valley Hill resident requested cable TV installation from Harron and was quoted a cost of $2,000. She wanted to know why her cost was so high compared to others in the Township. Mr. Raymond replied that sparse population and long driveways resulted in larger fees. John D. Snyder stated that at the present time the Township has no say in rate setting. Mr. Kohli requested Mr. Raymond to send a Township map with cable coverage to the Township office.

Salt Bids; Mrs. Ewald instructed the Secretary to advertise for bids on Ice Control Rock Salt.

Heatherwood; John D. Snyder reviewed the present standing of Heatherwood (see copy of July 27 letter attached to these minutes). The Supervisors reiterated their decision that there was to be no construction until the binder course is down, as recorded in the July 2, 1990 minutes.

Colicyco-Higgins; John D. Snyder stated the Mr. Colicyo and Ms. Higgins made a proposal, but the proposal was not clear. Mrs. Ewald instructed Mr. Snyder to request a sketch plan showing exactly what they propose to do.

Tyrone Farms; Mr. Kohli reported a letter was sent to each resident of Phase II of this project. He also stated the contractor understands what is wanted and hopes to see all work accomplished by the end of August. Mrs. Ewald received a recommendation from Mr. Kohli regarding the catch basin on the Quay property and requested that Mr. Kohli follow up with Mr. Comitta on the tree inspection. Mr. Kling moved to release the Escrow Account, Mr. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried. Mr. Kling authorized payment of $311.63.

Computer Bids; Mrs. Ewald opened the bids received from Pilot Technical Services and Punxsutawney Computer Service. Of the four bids received, these were the only two submitted according to instructions as advertised. After reading the bids, Mr. Kling moved to have a Computer Consultant review them for the Board. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried.

At 10:35 P.M., all business completed, Mr. Kling moved for adjournment, Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,