The Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, June 4, 1990, in the Charlestown Elementary School.

Present: Irene W. Ewald, Chairman; John C. Martin, Jr., Vice Chairman; Vincent G. Kling, Sr., member; Ruth W. Buckwalter; Surender Kohli; James E. McErlane; and those listed on the attached attendees list.

Mrs. Ewald called the meeting to order at 8:00 P.M.

Mrs. Ewald announced the appointment of Ruth W. Buckwalter as Secretary to the Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors at a salary of $6,840, to be reviewed at the end of the year. Mr. Kling moved the Board approve the appointment, Mr. Martin seconded the motion, it carried unanimously.

Mrs. Ewald announced the appointment of Linda Halteman as Treasurer for the Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors. Mr. Kling moved to approve the appointment, Mr. Martin seconded the motion, it carries unanimously.

Mrs. Ewald stated that a new location for the Township office has been established at the Nature Center on the first floor of the farm house. The office hours are:

Monday and Wednesday - 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
general business conducted during
these hours
Tuesday and Thursday - 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Treasurer will be in the office,
but is not accepting plans and

Mr. Kling moved to approve the minutes of the May 7, 1990 meeting, Mr. Martin seconded, the motion carried.

Mr. Kling moved to approve May 1990 Treasurer’s Report, Mr. Martin seconded, the motion carried.

Mr. Martin moved to approve the June 4 Accounts Payable in the amount of $34,325.09 from the General Fund and $540.00 from the State Fund. Mr. Kling seconded the motion, it so carried.

Zoning Officer’s Report: Mr. Kohli distributed a list of Building Permits issued during the month of May. A copy is on file.

Planning Commission Report: Mr. Ziegler, Planning Commission member, stated no definitive action had been taken by the Commission except that the subdivision entitled Heatherwood be submitted and approved.

CONRAIL: Mrs. Ewald addressed the representatives of CONRAIL, present at her request, regarding the extensive amount of destruction caused by the fire on April 26th. The fire was a direct result of sparks from CONRAIL’s engine. Mr. Minor Johnson, CONRAIL’s State and Local Affairs office, stated that the condition was “unique and corrective”. The diesel engine in use had an electrical problem and had been in for repairs during which time it idled for 40 hours causing considerable carbon buildup. At hilly areas, the extra demand for power caused the carbon to escape, and that is what started the fire. Mr. Johnson assured the Supervisors that the creosote ties left along the rail-line and ten major burned trees will be removed, but he could give no definite date. The hanging ties piled up at the overpass at Union Hill Road will be uk; first cleanup project. Costs involved will be examined by CONRAIL and anyone who had personal property damaged should contact CONRAIL at 291-1127. Mr. Kling asked if the engineer could not see the sparks and Mr. Johnson replied “Yes, he should have”. Mr. Kling then questioned the competency of the engineer and also inquired about the engine’s spark arrester. Mrs. Ewald opened the floor on the matter and John Garvin asked if an engineer saw a problem, what could he do? Mr. Johnson replied he should call from the cab phone and report it. Tina Daly asked if any hazardous materials were on cars serving the Industrial area and, if so, who would be responsible for any spills. Mr. Johnson said a few cars did carry hazardous material and the shipper or consignee would be responsible. Mrs. Ewald said the fire companies would like to discuss with CONRAIL expenses incurred. Mr. Johnson stated anyone could call CONRAIL 24 hours a day at 596-2440. Mrs. Ewald then thanked the representatives for attending the meeting, but requested a cleanup schedule of the area before a two or three month period of time.

Roadmaster’s Report: A report was submitted for the month of May and is on file. Mr. Pyle also reported the following calls:

  1. Complaints of horses running loose in the township. He was instructed to give the names of owners to the Secretary, and these families will be contacted personally.
  2. State Police would like to see the permit issued for the blinking lights at the Charlestown Playschool. PENNDOT has no record of a permit issued. The Secretary was instructed to check files.
  3. Asplundt regarding tree trimming. This was referred to Mr. Kohli.
  4. Paul Wise complained a loose dog chewed up his dog. Neither the State Police nor the SPCA could help. Since the township does have an Ordinance against dogs running loose, Mrs. Ewald said the Board would contact the SPCA.

Mr. Pyle was instructed to have the road banks mowed in the township.

Mr. Pyle reported a huge pothole on Cold Stream Road, which is a State road. The Secretary was instructed to report this to PENNDOT at the West Chester office.

The dedication of Three Ponds Lane to the township was proposed. Mr. McErlane stated the forms were fine and Mr. Kohli stated that he had reviewed the plans. Mr. Martin moved to accept the dedication and reduce the escrow account to $25,000 subject to posting a maintenance bond and satisfactory resolution of punch list items between the township and Rouse/Chamberlane. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried. A discussion followed regarding the installation of a dry hydrant. No action was taken.

MFC: The Supervisors received the decision from Judge Gavin to allow the Planning Commission to review the plans. A meeting will be scheduled by the Supervisors for June 19th, if the school is available.

Heatherwood: The expiration date for this subdivision is today. The Chairman requested, and was granted, a one month delay on the decision due to the fact that neither the Supervisors nor Mr. Kohli had received the final plans. Mr. Edward P. Pluciennik, P.E., of Yerkes Associated, Inc. was sworn in and a transcript by the Court Stenographer of this hearing will be sent to the Supervisors for their records.

Kilmer Insurance: offered a policy which includes office, liability, and use of open space at a reduction of $400 in premiums. Mr. Kling moved to accept same, Mr. Martin seconded the motion, it so carried.

EPA NUS Corp. is doing an inspection of the former Valley Forge Hospital grounds. A complete analysis will be given to the Supervisors. The Phoenix Soccer Club gave Mrs. Ewald a report on soil testing of that area and it seems there is no apparent danger.

Escrow Releases: Mr. Kling moved to approve Rapps Run Associates Subdivision Escrow release #7 in the amount of $9,250.00. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried.

Mr. Kling moved to approve Oak Hill Subdivision Escrow release #6 in the amount of $36,922.00. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried.

At 11:15 P.M., Mr. Kling moved to adjourn the meeting, Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,