Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors Meeting
7:00 pm Monday, January 3, 2022
Great Valley Middle School Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern Pa


Citizen’s Forum

Nominations for 2022:


Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Vice Chairman, Board of Supervisors

Appointments for 2022:

Position: Annual Appointments

Township Manager
Township Secretary-Treasurer
Pension Plan Administrator
Right to Know Officer
Assistant Township Secretary
Assistant Right to Know Officer
Recording Secretary
Property & Public Safety Coordinator
Roadmaster/Property Project Manager
Public Works Assistant/Animal Control Officer
Park Custodian
Staff Planner
Recycling Coordinator
Brightside Farm Manager
Brightside Garden Coordinator
Legal Counsel – Firm
Legal Counsel – Lead Counselor
Special Counsel
Land Planner
Engineering Firm
Zoning Officer
Building Code Official (BCO) and Assistant Zoning Officer
Construction Consultant
Traffic Consultant
Auditor – Via Resolution ___-2022
Historical Architectural Consultant
Tax Collector – Real Estate
Tax Collector – Earned Income Tax and Local Services Tax

Positions – Boards & Commissions:

Planning Commission:

(2) 4-Year Terms to Expire 12/31/25

Regional Planning Commission:

(2) 1-year terms to expire 12/31/2022
(1) 1-year term to expire 12/31/2022 – Alternate Member

Historical Commission/HARB:

(2) 5-Year Term to Expire 12/31/26 (1 – zoning officer, 1 – planning commission representative)

Parks & Recreation Board

(2) 5-Year Term to Expire 12/31/26

Environmental Advisory Committee:

(2) 3-Year Term to expire 12/31/24

Valley Forge Sewer Authority

5-Year Term to Expire 12/31/26 for the 9-member board

Vacancy Board

1-Year Term to Expire 12/31/2022

Zoning Hearing Board – Via Resolution ___-2022

(1) 3-Year Term to Expire 12/31/2024
(2) 3-Year Term as Alternate to Expire 12/31/2024

Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals – Via Resolution ___-2022

5-Year Term for member with Structural/Architectural Experience to expire 12/31/2026

Establish Rates of Pay and Authorize Payroll

Establish Fee Schedule for Planning, Engineering and Legal Consultants

Establish Mileage Rate for 2022

(IRS allowable)

Establish Employee/Employer Match for Employee Benefits


Health & Dental Insurance
Pension Plan

Establish Amount of Treasurer’s Bond

Establish Holiday Schedule for 2022

(11 Holidays per Employee Handbook)

Certify Delegates to the Annual PSATS Convention and One Voting Delegate

Annual Resolutions

Resolution # ___-2022 Setting depositories for the township accounts
Resolution # ___-2022 Credit Card Authorization
Resolution # ___-2022 Name Providers for Fire Protection, Ambulance and Police Protection


Date, Location and Time for 2022 Business Meetings

Motion to adjourn the Organization Meeting